All These Little French and American Words…


Welcome to the A to Z Challenge!

Three words for the letter T

*all three of them are spelled like English words, sound like English words but aren’t exactly English words.

*all three of them have just a little French touch.



A pair of tennis shoes is called tennis or a pair of tennis in French.

For example I would say in French: Je mets mes tennis. And not: I put my tennis shoes on.

The game is called tennis as well. And American sneakers are called baskets in France.

Les américains spécifient tennis shoes pour des tennis our une paire de tennis. Les baskets françaises sont des sneakers aux USA.




A tennis player is called a tennisman or a tenniswoman in French.

Aux Etats Unis un tennisman ou une tenniswoman s’appelle un tennis player.


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A Walkie-Talkie is called Talkie-Walkie in France.

Talkie-walkie pour walkie-talkie. Une simple petite inversion dans l’ordre des mots.


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Do you know of a French or English word starting with the letter T that has a different meaning whether it’s used in France or the USA?

Connaissez-vous un mot français ou anglais commençant par la lettre T qui a un sens différent selon qu’il soit utilisé en France ou aux Etats Unis?


See you on Monday with the letter U

Meanwhile, I wish you all a great weekend.

A lundi pour la lettre U

En attendant, je vous souhaite à tous un super weekend.

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