All These Little French and American Words…


Welcome to the A to Z Challenge!

One word today for the letter H

*One French word used in France and in the USA, with almost the same meaning and almost the same spelling in both countries.




Hors d’oeuvre aux USA correspond à l’apéritif en France. Le mot hors d’oeuvre aux USA n’est pas invariable et ne s’écrit pas avec un trait d’union.

In contemporary France the word hors-d’oeuvre is a synonym of “Entrée,” or the first dish that starts a meal (appetizer in the USA).

The French use apéritif or apéro in casual French to refer to the time before a meal and the drinks and finger food consumed during that time.

Unlike its Americanized version, the French word Hors-d’oeuvre never takes an S at the end, regardless of the quantity of food served, and is also hyphenised.


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Do you know of another French or English word starting with the letter H that has a different meaning whether it’s used in France or in the USA?

Connaissez-vous un autre mot français ou anglais commençant par la lettre H qui a un sens différent selon qu’il soit utilisé en France ou aux Etats Unis?


See you on Monday for the letter I.

Enjoy your weekend!


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