All These Little French and American Words…


Welcome to the A to Z Challenge!

Today one word for the letter N

  • one French word that is used in France and the USA with one similar meaning in both countries but a slightly different spelling and has an additional meaning in France



Aux USA un négligé (de soie, comme l’a chanté Caroline Loeb, ou pas) est un négligée (toujours au féminin).

French people call a négligée a négligé, (masculine noun). But négligée is also the feminine version of the adjective négligé that describes someone who neglects her/his appearance or a place with a neglected appearance.


Do you know of a French or English word starting with the letter N that has a different meaning whether it’s used in France or the USA?

Connaissez-vous un mot français ou anglais commençant par la lettre N qui a un sens différent selon qu’il soit utilisé en France ou aux Etats Unis?


See you on Monday with the letter O.

Meanwhile I wish you all a great weekend.

Thank you also for your constant support as I plow my way through the alphabet, one letter after another.


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