Reflections and Notes Post A to Z Challenge

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This was my second participation to the A to Z Challenge.

Thoughts after I finished? The amount of time I spent gathering the material for each letter was more consuming than the previous year, mostly because in 2015 I had planned all of my posts ahead of time. This year, except for the second week that was ready to be published every morning around six because one of my daughters was home and I wanted to do fun things with her, I wrote most posts a couple of days prior to posting and even the night before.

As always, my daily reward was to see familiar names and faces stopping by, liking and leaving comments on my posts. It was also nice to see new names and faces popping in.

I would have liked to read more blogs during the month of April, but I found it hard to write and read at the same time. Also I would love to find a much easier way to meet the bloggers who share my interests instead of having to scroll down the endless list. Most blogs don’t have a name that hint at the content. Did you meet the same challenge?

I’m still undecided about my participation for next year. My goal for this challenge is to keep writing about the French and American English languages and cultures. A few themes have come to my mind and I need to think about them…

Meanwhile, as a closure for this 2016 A to Z Challenge, I will leave you with a few extra Little French and American Words I didn’t use.


French words used in the USA: bonbon, boutique, bureau, boutonnière, brunette, chef, double entendre, escargot, pièce de résistance.

English words used in France: break, flipper, light, parking, station service, sweet.


I let you guess their meaning, whether these words are used in France or in the USA. I promise to reply.

IMG_1919May 2016, in the Greenwich Village in New York City, a neighborhood where many years ago I set foot for the first time, totally lost in translation.

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