Happy Birthday to my Book Board illustrated by Margaux Carpentier and published
by Barefoot Books!
Both the illustrator and myself are French natives. From the beginning we shared
Barefoot Books’ vision and created an authentic picture of modern French life.
Throughout the book, we avoided stereotypes and focused on daily life in France
rather than landmarks to trigger young toddlers’ interest.
Around bold, vivid illustrations and short, engaging text little ones can follow Bébé
and Doudou from morning to night.
Endnotes offer simple explanations of the actions and the easy French words found
in the book.
From Kirkus Review:
“A day in the life of Bébé and Doudou in France. Characters are racially diverse.
Lovely illustrations accompany this quaint, toddler-friendly intro to French culture
and language.”

OUR WORLD: FRANCE is available in the USA, the UK and Canada and copies can be
ordered from the publisher, from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Target or of
course from your favorite bookshop.

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