My Essay on the Children’s Writer’s Guild



I’m pleased that the Children’s Writer’s Guild published my essay Written Words Don’t Have an Accent this week.

This essay about language is right in sync with my current A to Z series about these little identical French and American words that have a different meaning, whether they are used in France or in the USA.

I’m also humbled to find myself on the Children’s Writers Guild in the company of authors and illustrators who bring their talent and passion to children’s literature.

Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, or have children in your life I encourage you to visit their website and particularly their section Review, filled with great feedback about Picture Books, Middle Grade and Young Adult novels.


See you tomorrow for the letter G on my series All These Little French and American Words…








  1. Congratulations Evelyne, good to be in such great company 🙂

  2. Congratulations. I hope things continue to go well.


  3. Hello! I am a new children’s author with my first book coming out this year. I would like more information on the Children’s Writer’s Guild if possible please. Thank you.

  4. Congrats, Anna. You can simply visit their website and you’ll find all the info you might need to write for them. Good luck to you and your book!

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