From A to Z, Twenty-Six Funny, Weird, Vivid French Expressions




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Literally: cut hair in four pieces

Best equivalent: nitpick


Being precise and meticulous is asked from a hairstylist. But too much can be too much for other things in life, right?


See you tomorrow for the letter R, part of the A to Z challenge!


  1. J’adore cette-ci!

  2. Nice, there’s some French nitpicking in my story today, perhaps I could have thrown in this quote!

  3. I have some coworkers…maybe I shouldn’t go there.

  4. I couldn’t think of an English version, but my daughter (who loves these daily exercises in French) said, “splitting hairs.”

  5. So funny that this is your post for today. I just spent four hours at the hairdresser with my youngest so can relate to the meticulous nature of that experience. But, while good for a hairdresser, as you point out, maybe not good for the rest of life. Weekends In Maine

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