From A to Z, Twenty-Six Funny, Weird, Vivid French Expressions




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Literally: To have the French fry (although usually used in plural, the expression uses the singular of fries)

Best equivalent: To be in top form


See you tomorrow for the letter G, part of the A to Z Challenge!


  1. I like that!

  2. Now I want french fries for breakfast!

  3. Funny, I took it literally to mean eating french fries but like that it means in top form. Weekends In Maine

  4. I love this one, because really, what could be better than french fries? If I actually *have* french fries, life is indeed good! I’m glad you are doing these for A to Z 🙂

  5. As long as w’re on the subject, do the French do as the Dutch and put mayonnaise on their fries? I thought it was a little gross….

  6. Do you speak some French, Iain? Thank you, anyway, for stopping by.

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