Hand Up or a Month of French Idioms From A to Z

Never a dull moment when you learn a foreign language. Each day brings its linguistic or cultural surprise. Who would have known that people could say the same thing in two radically different ways?

I didn’t.

Again, literal translations never match proper translations, but they can be entertaining.






Don’t you find it interesting that the French say Hand Up and the Americans Hands Down when the win is easy?


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The French expression Haut la Main originates from the 16th century. Initially the expression was: “To Have the High Hand on Something.” The fact that the hand was raised symbolized the power of authority.

Haut la Main is often used when the French talk about sport.

A match or game is won Haut la Main when the superiority of a team or a player allows a quick victory.

But it will also be said of an easy academic success from a bright student. He or she passed the final exam Haut la Main.

A to Z Challenge

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