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Over the last months, many countries, including my native France, have been the target of particularly cruel violence. Whether the acts of radicalized Muslims blinded by the agenda of ISIS/Daech or unstable men, this violence triggers legitimate fear and more hatred. I’ve stopped reading about them, focusing instead on the simple joys of summer, especially short and hence precious here in Maine.

Before summer officially started, I was finished with the revisions I intended to complete on my new Young Adult novel. I have now started the long process of submission. Please, please, can you keep your fingers or whatever you want, crossed for me?


While waiting for feedback, I’ve started a new story while another simmers at the edge of my mind. For the longest time, I rarely shared that I had too many stories on the stove. I thought it was the proof of an unfocused mind. Until I read that most writers had always several manuscripts on the back burner, too. Many of them renowned authors. But. They also know when to bring one of their simmering stews to the front burner. I’m undecided. Both of my new work-in-progress manuscripts are Middle Grade stories. Both are dealing with contemporary issues linked to economical and social inequality. While I’m covering pages with words and scenes, watching the lake already tipping into August, I leave you with a few photos from my July in Maine.






Bear with me when I don’t comment on your blogs. I still think of you and wish you well. It’s just that my mind is churning ideas and trying to sort them.

Wherever you are, fill your days to the brim with the precious days of summer.


P.S. In my new YA novel tentatively called All the Mountains We Can Climb, there is food. A café. And three restaurants. And many meals around (or not) tables.


This is our front lake family table in Maine. The table is my son’s age. We bought it so it could fit four children and their parents. I found a tablecloth with fish and I got the small water can at a school event. I love this table. As I love any table where so much happens besides eating.


  1. It’s so beautiful there in Maine 🙂 I hope your family in Paris are alright and safe 🙂

    • You are too kind, Andy, to ask about France. Everyone I know there is safe, although shaken by the last wave of violence. I feel privileged to enjoy such a peaceful state as Maine is. Especially in the summer. Thank you again for your thoughtful words.

  2. It’s amazing that your creative juices still flow amidst the sadness but that’s a great thing. If you haven’t searched please do so. I think it’s the best resource to find an agent. Crossing my fingers & good energy for you!

    • Thank you, Mona, for the link. I have made a list of agents and have decided to approach a new one each time I get rejected. Can be a long process! Meanwhile, I write other stories. Where is yours going these days? And yes, creativity helps to go on with life, I think.

      • I’m glad the list is helpful. I send out query’s five at a time, every month. I get helpful info from some rejections. In the between time, I’ve written a new novel-now revising-reading and traveling this summer.

  3. I always liked this pentagonal table with its attached bench! but is also a pain to roll a pentagon under the porch when season ends…

    • Ha,ha, this is true! Especially when it’s only two people who have to do the work. But I love the table and plan to roll it wherever it has to go until I can’t.

  4. I love the night (perhaps early morning) sky on the lake. I think it’s pretty amazing that you have multiple stories stacked-up in your head. I feel very bad for all the victims of the violence and hate in the world today. I hope you can sift through it all and find a way to reach kids, who are probably struggling with these issues in ways we don’t understand.

    • I’ve been a fan of sunsets for the longest time but started to appreciate the beauty of sunrises when I started to hike very early in the morning. There is definitely something magical in the anticipation and also in the brief moment when the sun appears. This beauty helps in front of violence. And I agree with you about the importance of stories for our children. The way to tell them is the hardest part. But they need to be reassured.

  5. What better place to think creative thoughts? Good luck!!

  6. Je mets un mot sur FB, mais ici, je te dis et te confirme que te lire est un vrai plaisir, que je t’imagine tellement bien sur cette terrasse ombragée au bord de l’eau, tasse de thé et crayons ( clavier ), dans ton beau Maine, celui que tu partages si bien; c’est sans doute là que j’irai si un jour je vole vers les USA. Je sais que tu penses à nous, je sais que tu écris, et ça, ça excuse toutes les absences ! Je t’embrasse, Evelyne, bien amicalement

    • Oh, c’est super sympa,Simone. Le Maine et la Nouvelle Angleterre sont magnifiques. L’automne est sans doute la plus belle saison. Les locaux l’affirment et puisque je suis restée cinq ans sur Boston et que je passe tant de temps dans le Maine, je confirme. Je te souhaite un bel été plein de moments simples avec ta famille et amis. A plus sur ton blog ou Facebook.

  7. Beautiful photos! I think that Maine looks like an amazing place to write. Bravo for letting go of the sad/angry/violent news stories and concentrating on living life. I for one am happily planning my next trip to France. Yes, one must be situationally aware, but truly, anything can happen anywhere and at any time. I can’t spend my time focused on fear. If we do that, then the terrorists win. I wish you the best with your writing! I am looking forward to reading the stories you publish! 🙂

    • Thank you for reading me and for encouraging me. Thank you also for your loyalty toward France. While life must go on, we must also work toward peace and that’s the challenge of our time. Best to you as well.

  8. Gorgeous photos! I want to fill my suitcase with books and join you right now. : ) Enjoy for me, too! Great to hear about the new WIP – hope we’ll be hearing more, and happy writing!

  9. Fingers crossed 🙂

  10. very nice… btw, I miss Maine! ❤

  11. How wonderful to have a mind churning with ideas! Good for you. Keep stirring.. c

  12. It’s so wonderful there in Maine 🙂 I trust your family in Paris are okay and safe..

  13. Life in Maine … the way it should be!

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