Giving an Encore to Older Blog Posts

One of the most challenging goals for a blogger is to bring fresh material to each post.

That’s why the re-blog button was created, I suppose.

When bloggers use this function they re-blog their most popular posts.

They respond to an “Encore” from their readership.

In the English section of my French English Larousse dictionary, the definition of “Encore” takes one line but two long columns in the French section.

In fact “Encore” in French can mean, among many other things, “Not again!”

If I served the same dinner twice in a row at home my kids might say: “Encore!”

I wouldn’t take it as a compliment.

Today, although aware of the French meaning of “Encore!” I take the chance to serve you older posts.

For two purposes:

1-    It’s not every year that I can eat crepes, wait for the Groundhog to see or not its shadow, and watch a football game.

2-    To analyze with a cold head the writing journey of a non-native speaker.

Last year I wrote about the Superbowl.

That was my first Superbowl. We won’t watch this year because we won’t be home. In a way I’m glad.

First, my California friends who are football fans are disappointed that the 49ers lost and they hate (their own words) the Seahawks.

Then, I still don’t have an opinion on the subject. This sport remains strange to me and even though I went to the Berkeley stadium once for a game and felt a little more American after, I would lie if I said that I loved it. I enjoyed watching people, and it turned to be important for someone who doesn’t know the rules of the game. When people cheered, I cheered, when they stood up like one, I stood up too, when they booed, I booed. I just had to make sure I was watching the right people, the ones who wore the colors of my daughter’s school. That I could manage.

Last year I wrote about the American Groundhog versus the French Chandeleur.

A year ago I also wrote about the Chandeleur.

A few months ago I was offered the Liebster Award for my blogging. What I liked about it wasn’t really the award, which was a nice gesture from a fellow blogger, but the opportunity to explain why I blog.

Words are my tools to express my feelings and also share my dual identity.

Like a few other bloggers I write in two languages.

When I write in French, words flow naturally. It’s no accident that we call our native language “mother tongue.”

When I write in English, I don’t feel the same freedom. Yet.

The acquisition of a language is a complex process, a fascinating one, too.

I compare it to the stages experienced by a baby learning how to walk.

A baby falls and stands up. Again. Again. And again. Until reaching stability, then competence, and finally confidence.

Today when I searched for older posts related to the Chandeleur, Groundhog Day and Superbowl, it gave me the opportunity to re-read some of my early posts.

In the same way I want to throw away old manuscripts, delete files, I want to erase some of my posts.

And yet I won’t because they are steps along my writing journey toward confidence.

Today, for once, I didn’t create a post completely from scratch.

One task remains, though.

To write one in French.

Meanwhile I’m curious.

Are you a football fan? Do you care for the Groundhog or the Chandeleur? Do you like crepes?

More importantly, do you peek at your early blog posts? If you do, how do you feel about your journey?



  1. Uncle Spike says:

    It’s not just a case of ‘old posts’, as for many of us, our readership changes – so those who read our blog a year ago may well have been replaced by others since. Or at least, for a post I wrote in July, there were 30 followers who may have seen it. Does one repost the same story so the newer followers can see it?

  2. I was more focused on the improvement in terms of quality. But you have a valid point about new readers. Re-posting a piece of writing or a photo (in your case) that we like or feel would talk to other people is a good idea. So I might follow you on that one and dig deeper in the archives. Who knows what I will find? See you on your blog.

  3. I have so many old posts that never got published, I’m still pondering on whether or not I’ll publish them or reblog some really old ones mmm..

    • It was a reflection on my improvement and also, I realize, on the general passing of time. Reading about posts, which included all of my children now that three of them are university students is strange. I feel the same and yet so much has happened. So re-reading, if not re-posting, is an interesting way to see how we’ve lived our lifes. Thank you, Andy for stopping by. See you on your blog.

  4. Thanks for giving us this insight into your evolution as a blogger Evelyne. I’m from the UK so we don’t do Groundhog Day but I was really interested to learn about what the French do on Candlemas as well as a little more about how you started blogging and writing.

    • Canada I believe is also doing Groundhog Day and Luxemburg and Mexico (probably others too) celebrate their own version of Candlemas. The French will do crepes again for Mardi Gras. Thank you for stopping by, Andrea.

  5. Great post. LOVE crepes. We visit France quite often and it’s one of the first things my kids want to eat each time. Had a laugh over your (American) football thoughts. I LOVE watching sports, with the exception of soccer/football/le foot, which has always bored me. Now that I live in soccer-mad Italy, guess what I’m always watching with my soccer-mad sons? But even I get dragged into the excitement of the World Cup or the European Cup when they roll around. : )

  6. I’m glad you like crepes. Funny that you have to watch soccer now that you live in Italy. I remember one of my trips to Paris a few years ago when it was the Coupe du Monde. Everyone was totally crazy, especially because France was winning. I guess sports can bring people together, but sometimes it’s a little too much for me!
    I hope to see you again on my blog and I will definitely see you on yours.

  7. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA so I do love football and Groundhog Day. I haven’t yet hit ‘reblog’ but I might. I linked to some older posts on Twitter a few times, but that’s a different group. I’ve added a lot of followers in the past several months, and they might not have seen a fee good earlier posts. Maybe I’ll try. I encouraged you to because I’ve only recently really discovered your blog, which I enjoy very much.

  8. Have you ever been to the Groundhog Day event?
    As for my blog, until now I was more concerned by the writing aspect than its visibility. Now that I have enough content I agree that I should focus on this part as well and I thank you for your tips. I admit favoring writing to marketing. So many blogs, so little time.

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