Groundhog Day Made in France

Today is Groundhog Day and the Chandeleur in France.

Instead of waiting for the furry animal to show or not its shadow, the French being the French, eat crepes.

My children crowned me “Reine des crepes” when they were little. That was before they ate their first crepe in France. They met real queens there.

Since my move to America, I’ve traded most French holidays or celebrations for Americans traditions. My former catholic calendar was more generous in terms of holidays than the American calendar, but I’m a sucker for most things American, so I happily gave up.

Except for the crepes. No offense, but aren’t they better than pancakes?

However, because we are Americans, on Groundhog Day, as we eat crepes, my family watches the American movie starring Bill Murray.

What can I say? Immigrants know how to enjoy the best of both worlds.


chandeleur crepe




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