Football and Americans

Why do we care about football? Seth Godin.

I was surprised when I read the header of this message in my inbox.

Seth Godin and football?

But his first sentence said it all: “For someone outside the US, the visceral connection with football seems mysterious.”

Here we are, I thought. That explains why he knows so much about football and I don’t.

I grew up in France where football is soccer.

The funny thing is that my son and my husband – way before reading Seth Godin’s post – decided that we had to do something about it.

They said that homecoming game at UC Berkeley didn’t count.

So this year, because we aren’t anymore “someone outside the US” we will also watch Super Bowl. We will even eat the right food. I won’t describe it – you all know about Super Bowl food.

But, we might be Americans we are also Californians.

So Go Niners!


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