Learning the alphabet is such a significant step for young children, their teachers and parents. However, I do not have clear memories of learning my alphabet while the moment I could read is still etched on my mind.

I do remember, though, moments of hesitation when I learned the alphabet when I took English classes at school.

The French letter G, for example, reads as the English J and vice versa. W is double V in French while it’s double U in English.

Whether pronounced in French or in English, for four years during the month of April, I honored these 26 letters.

This year I didn’t join the A to Z Challenge and I admit missing it.

So this short post is simply for each and every one of you who participated. I know of the challenge but also of the fun and the feeling of accomplishement when reaching the final line.

So on this last day of April and so close to the lovely month of May, one French proverb feels appropriate.


En Avril Ne Te Découvre Pas D’un Fil.

En Mai Fais Ce Qu’il Te Plait.

Literal translation:

In April don’t shed one thread (of clothing).

In May do whatever pleases you.


April weather being finicky, don’t pick light clothing when you dress.

In May wear whatever you want.

Congrats if you are an A to Z Challenger!

Happy month of May!

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