French Friday: Au Revoir


As soon as I knew how to write I turned to words when things overwhelmed me, whether in a good or bad way.

So in my early days in the U.S., when everything was new to me, I first wrote to clarify my thoughts as I faced an entirely new country, new language and new culture. Later, I wrote to remember. And then, after two decades spent on both coasts of my new vast home, I started a blog where I shared my dual French American identity and my affection for my native and adoptive lands.

Like many people who live in the U.S., I speak two languages on a daily basis. Unlike most, I write fiction in American English, a language I acquired in adulthood. The acquisition has been a complex process, frustrating sometimes, but in the end transformative. Living between two languages and two cultures is both a gift and a challenge. My blog became a window on this life.

Ten years later, I know it is time to say goodbye to my blog in order to focus on other projects. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but in the early hours of 2019 I decided to select some of my posts to create an e-book, my personal goodbye to the many people who’ve read me over the years.

My husband, who customized my blog and maintains it, offered to design this e-book. Without his technical and unconditional support, this project would remain tucked in my Words Documents and I would not be able to publish Chez Moi in the USA by the end of January.

Through the process of selecting the posts I became the embarrassed and humble witness of my linguistic wandering journey. In addition, I realized that my writing not only uncovered personal experiences but illustrated also the evolution of our world, mostly in the ways we communicate. In less than a decade, social medias have transformed us, and I followed these changes through my blog.

Some of the posts I chose have never been read, only a few are among the most popular. I will add two original unpublished stories, even though a longer version of one of them won second place in a writing competition.

Chez Moi in the USA will be divided into categories, so you’ll be able to select what interests you most. I still hope that you’ll venture through each and every category and will like what you find.

Although I am closing my blog today and comments after this last post, I am not finished with writing, so this is only Au revoir and not Adieu.

Thank you, my fellow bloggers, for your thoughtful, meaningful comments and also for your sense of humor and your genuine kindness. They’ve meant a lot to me. I’ve never met any of you, and yet I always wished you well, whether through my blog or yours.

In these early days of 2019 I still wish you the best.

Cheers to those blogging years!




  1. judithworks says:

    I enjoyed your blog very much. Good luck on your future endeavors!

  2. I will very much miss your blog, Evelyne. And I agree–blogging is remarkable in that, even though we don’t meet our blogging friends in person, they do become friends, nonetheless! Please don’t hesitate to keep in touch with an occasional email.:) Thank you for all your wonderful posts and for everything you’ve shared on your blog.

    • Thank you so much, Michael. Of all people you know what a blog is 🙂
      Although I will no longer publish new blog posts I will still update my website with my other writing. I wish you the very best with yours, whether through blogging or fiction, and thank you for your continual support. Happy 2019!

  3. I will miss you very much. You are one of my favorite people and your writing is always so interesting. Fare you well. I think about quitting too, these days. More lately.

    • You’re too kind, Marilyn. Your blog and Garry’s blogs are also among my favorites. Your photos are gorgeous and I’ve enjoyed reading about an older America that I didn’t get to know in person. You know how much blogging takes time, so yes, it was the right moment after 10 years to say goodbye. Thank you for being one of my most regular readers and thoughtful commentator. Happy 2019 to you and Garry!

  4. Wow, Evelyne. I’m sad to lose another blogging friend. But not surprised. Blogging has many rewards, but it takes up an incredible amount of time and energy. I’ve seen several of my Internet friends, and I do think of them as true friends, disappear over the years. And the thought has often passed through my mind as to whether my time might be better spent doing other things. There are many things that I love to do, and many that have been impacted by the time it takes to blog. But for now, I will keep plugging away.
    I will miss you. Thanks so much for all you have shared and for following me. It has meant a lot. The very best to you. –Curt
    P.S. I’ve found that many of my friends who have left blogging, check in on occasion. 🙂 Just a thought.

    • Your kind words touch me, Curt. I’ve agreed with many of your comments and also learned a lot, about nature and the USA through your own writing. I still agree with this comment of yours 🙂
      Yes, I can certainly still stop by and check on your next adventure. I wish you and Penny a beautiful new year filled with hiking, reading, love and friendship.
      Thank you again for reading me for such a long time.

  5. I will miss you! Good luck and good writing, my friend.

  6. I have enjoyed your blog since I first discovered it. I am sorry to see you close it, but I understand that there is only so much time.

    Good luck in your other work. I am very happy you chose our country. You have made it better.

    • You’ve been one of the most faithful readers of my blog, Dan. Thank you for your regular comments and support and also for your own blog, which is a role model for us 🙂
      And thank you for your kind words about immigrants. People make a country and that’s certainly true for the USA, a land I love very much.
      Best to you and your family, Dan.

      • Good luck, Evelenye. You have such an easy way of writing, it’s easy to read, even when the subject is on the edge of my interest. I’ll miss your April A-to-Z French lessons 😉

  7. Bon vent pour de nouvelles aventures ! Ce fut un plaisir de suivre vos billets.

  8. Oh wow. The end of an era! I wish you continued success in all your endeavors! It’s been SUCH a pleasure!

    • You’re certainly one of the funniest of the gang and I’ll miss your visits on this blog. 10 years is a lot and we know when time has arrived to move on. But I’ll always remember those blogging years, for sure. Best to you and your family, Joey.

  9. I’m so very sorry to see you go! But I do understand. I keep thinking I’ll get back to my own blog . . one day . . . and maybe I’ll see you then. Best of luck to you, and thanks for all you’ve shared!

    • Thank you, Melinda. Blogging gave me discipline and helped me improve my English skills. I also met terrific people who visited me regularly or not but so often left meaningful comments that also helped me understand my fellow Americans and human beings through the world. Best to you and your blog!

  10. I’ll miss your blog — but I intend to come visit old posts from time to time if you keep them up. I think you’ve written, or at least started, several books in your blog. Write on!

    • I read your comments as a writer 🙂
      And I tend to agree with you.
      Thank you for your comments, always right on, Susanna and also for your own blogS. I don’t know how you do it to be able to write so much!
      It has been a genuine pleasure to meet you through our mutual blogs and I wish you the very best for 2019 and always.

  11. I’ll miss your stories and insights.

  12. Oh Evelyne…Je suis triste, triste…Je te lisais silencieusement, comme je viens de lire cepost en entier, en comprenant presque tout sans dico…J’ai aimé nos challenges, j’ai aimé nos échanges. J’espère qu’ils se poursuivront, occasionnellement, autrement. Et malgré ça je te comprends, et cet ebook est une formidable idée, bien sûr. Tu sais comme j’ai aimé en particulier tes posts sur le Maine, si fins, si intelligents et poétiques aussi.
    Oh Evelyne, tu vas me manquer. Je t’embrasse

    • Je pensais t’envoyer un mail avant de publier ce billet et je n’en ai pas pris le temps. Je vais le faire, cependant. Moi aussi j’ai aimé nos échanges et le challenge de A à Z qui est devenu un vrai challenge 🙂
      Mais je te rassure je n’ai pas l’intention de stopper mes échanges avec toi, avec ou sans blog.
      Merci pour tes commentaires et tes efforts de me lire en anglais. Je sais ce que c’est 🙂 Tes efforts ont marché si tu as pu te passer de dico pour lire ce dernier billet!
      À plus tard par mail. Bonne et heureuse année 2019 à toi et ta famille!

  13. Hi Evelyne – I shall miss your blog and your Franco-Anglo mix ups … but always a great read. It’s good to see your point of view – though understand life moves along. All the best and have a very happy and peaceful 2019 – cheers Hilary

    • Thank you, Hillary. I will likely remain seated between two chairs but I appreciate my chance to see things a little differently. I also wish you a beautiful 2019 and the best with your own writing.

  14. You’ll be missed Evelyne. Sadly I only caught up with you recently but hopefully you’ll be back in the future, maybe with a sequel to ‘Mountains’ (which I’m sending to a friend for her to enjoy). Au revoir.

    • Thank you so much, Roy. I very much appreciated your visits and also support when purchasing my novel. It’s such a good idea to pass it to a friend. I hope that one of you can leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads if you’ve enjoyed the story. Thank you again for your trust. Best to you in 2019 and always.

  15. Patricia Sands says:

    Dear Evelyne ~ I’ve enjoyed the friendship we shared through your posts and will miss seeing your presence here. Congratulations on the success of your writing and thank you for what I have learned and enjoyed through your posts. Although I have often not been much more than a ghostly visitor, I have been here and want you to know you will be missed. I look forward to looking back over your posts in your upcoming ebook. Sending warmest wishes, I will be watching to see where your literary path leads next and wish you happiness and joy in life.

    • Thank you so much, Patricia for your kind words. The sentiment is mutual. I applaud your success and have been inspired by your relentless work and support to female writers. I’m happy to read that you’ve enjoyed reading my posts. From the francophile you are it means a lot to me. I wish you the very best in 2019, both professionally and personally.

  16. Chère Evelyne, ça me rend triste. J’aime beaucoup votre blog, mais j’ai hâte de relire les choses dans votre e-book. Je vous remercie d’avoir lu mon blog de temps en temps! I am so pleased to have discovered your writing and will definitely enjoy the upcoming e-book. I have loved all your French word posts, and your stories of life as une Française in the US. If you ever find yourself on one of my airplanes, please come up front and say bonjour! It would be a real honor. Je vous souhaite mes meilleurs vœux pour 2019 ! Cordialement, Kelli

    • Merci, Kelli. Ce fut aussi un plaisir de vous rencontrer au travers de nos blogs respectifs. J’ai admiré dès le départ la qualité de votre français écrit. Je sais que la maitrise d’une langue ne s’acquiert pas sans effort. Bravo à vous! Je dois vous avouer que j’adore aussi votre profession et que faire voler un avion doit être fantastique. Ce serait trop génial que vous soyiez un jour mon pilote 🙂
      Plein de belles et bonnes choses pour 2019 à vous également.

  17. Oh, Evelyne. Thank you so much for years of beautiful words. I’ll miss you but hope to meet up in person instead some day…

  18. Oh Evelyne I was shocked to read this! But I do understand you need to create space for other things. I’ve very much enjoyed ‘meeting’ you and reading your unique point of view. The book sounds like a great way to end your blogging journey. Good luck with all you write and do in future.

    • It wasn’t an easy decision, Andrea, but early 2019 felt like a good moment to move on. This blog is anchored to my website, so I will post any news related to writing. I’m not really disappearing, but even a weekly blog post requires time, as you know well. I will still visit my favorite bloggers, and you are one of them. I’m impatient to hear good news from your side of the world since I am positive that someone will fall for your writing. Best to you. Always.

  19. Hello Dear Friend,
    Here it is near the end of January and I am finally reading this. I have so enjoyed your blog as it has made me continue to feel a part of your life even though you have moved away. I look forward to reading Che Moi in the USA and I hope this year will be one in which we find ourselves in the same place at the same time and able to have a good long visit. Au Revoir.

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