A True NaNoWriMo Story

Just a few thoughts about November and my various NaNoWriMo experiences.

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When I lived in France, November was a special month for me.

November was the literary season with awards and prizes.

November was the arrival of the Beaujolais Nouveau, a young wine that you don’t keep in your cellar but drink in the weeks that follow.

November was also my birthday month.

When I moved to the United States I adapted and adopted new celebrations and traditions.

I was happy that Thanksgiving happened to be in November.

Many stores now carry also the French Beaujolais Nouveau.

And I could participate to the infamous NaNoWriMo.

I have mixed feelings about this crazy race.

  • Seriously, 50 000 words sound a lot.
  • Honestly, who writes every day?
  • Really, the idea of a new draft is tempting.
  • Definitely, pressure isn’t a bad thing for writers.

So, am I doing NaNoWriMo 2014?

I am and I am not.

I started a new YA story.


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  1. Good luck Evelyne. Believe me I understand. The marketing/promoting… I work full-time, and spend 20 hours a week looking for a job in a better location. Then there’s the blog. I have no time for the marketing — which explains why i don’t sell any books.
    I think you’ve worked very successfully to market the books you’ve already done. Speaking at libraries and the other things you’ve blogged about. Those are things i can’t imagine being invited to do. So congrats on all you’ve already done, and here’s to what you will still accomplish. Hugs. 🙂 ⭐

    • Thank you, Teagan, for cheering me up. I know that you totally understand how demanding the book promotion part is a challenge. Again, considering how busy you are I applaud your dedication and productivity. Hugs to you too.

  2. It is exciting to know that your book began as a NaNoWrMo project. I think the best thing about NaNoWrMo is that it makes me make the tome to write every day. I’m not doing NaNoWrMo – I’m participating PiBoIdMo – 30 picture book ideas in 30 days. The purpose is to have a slew of ideas to work on in the year ahead. There’s an inspirational e-mail daily on Tara Lazar’s blog: http://taralazar.com/2014/11/14/piboidmo-day

    • PiBoIdMo is cool too, Claire. I agree that the goal is to get some new material. After Chronicles From Château Moines I wanted to return to the creative part and get new words. Knowing that others are also writing during this month is kind of neat. But I’m not going crazy to get the 50 000 words. Good luck to you with your 30 PB ideas!

  3. Good luck Evelyne, with the promotion of your book and wherever those words take you!


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