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In my new middle grade novel Chronicles From Château Moines Scott has moved from Santa Monica, California, to Château Moines, Normandy.

He has lost his mom, doesn’t speak fluent French, and doesn’t know anyone in town. His guitar, a gift from his beloved mom, is gathering dust in his new room, above an empty store.

When he plays the record Feelin’ Groovy, he admits not feeling groovy at all.

Unlike Scott, I feel groovy today.

Marcia has posted an interview about little me on her blog Bookin’ It.

Eight-year old Stacey, Scott’s sister, would say that it is far out.

Thank you so much, Marcia, for having me over.

If you stop by my blog, pay a visit to Marcia’s.

Among many other great things, her first novel Wake-Robin Ridge made the Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers list in Fiction/Ghosts category. Bravo, Marcia!

This afternoon, I also visited the middle school kids I met last week. This time we played a word game that I had prepared for them and we wrote around some prompts that I linked to my new novel’s topics.

And they taught me to play Apples to Apples, a fun word game I didn’t know.

Again, you always learn something when you spend time with new people.

Just Groovy!







  1. Congratulations on the interview, Evelyne.
    I’m so happy that you’re feeling groovy!

  2. This is like a bonus post. I get to learn a little bit more about you and I learn about another nice blogger. I love the way this community works. Not too happy about having Feeling Groovy stuck in my head, but i’ll get over that. I love reading about writers and their process.

  3. Rockin’. All these phrases remind me of the groovy Pete the Cat character from kids lit. Anyway, I’ll have to check out your interview. And I love how you to get to interact with middle school folks (oh, I have Apples to Apples at home).

    • Funny that I didn’t know Apples to Apples since we have so many board games at home. I love being with young people and as a writer who writes for them it’s a great way to learn about their lives. They are funny and vulnerable, honest and kind. I always feel good when I drive home after such meetings. And the song fitted the day. See you, Jennifer.

  4. Yeah – congratulations on your interview. I’m heading on over to read. Here’s to a “groovy kind of feeling.”

    • Thank you, Mary. It was nice of Marcia to host me. We don’t write the same genres but a writer is a writer and this community of bloggers is friendly and supportive of each other. A good thing for artists of all kinds. See you soon, Mary.

  5. I’m feeling groovy after reading this far out post Evelyne, it’s so cool 😀 Heading over now to Marcia’s blog. As for Apples to Apples, that does sound familiar, will have to ask my daughter about it but it wasn’t anything I played growing up. Congratulations on your interview, have a wonderful weekend and as you always say, see you soon 🙂

  6. Thnk you, Sherri. It has been a groovy week, although it’s an adjective I never use but had too because of the song and the period of time where I set my story. The game was fun and a good way to make the most timid of the kids laugh and talk. Board games can do that. I am grateful to Marcia for having me over. See you soon, too, Sherri.

  7. Congratulations on the interview Evelyne, heading over there now 🙂

  8. My copy should arrive today! Squee!! I’m so excited 🙂

  9. Thank you, Katie, for your constant support. See you soon on your blog.

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