Born and raised in a small town in Normandy, France, I spent my childhood buried in books when I wasn’t playing outside.

My first published piece was a poem about a man spending Christmas behind bars. I was eleven years old and wasn’t paid for my work.  It didn’t stop me from doing it again!

My life as I knew it ended in 1990 when my husband decided to start a new career in the USA.  We had been recently married and had a small baby.  It was a hard time in my life as I was leaving my own career, my family, my friends and my beloved Paris behind.  But how could I say no to the dreams of the man I love?

Readers enjoy escaping the familiar for the unknown.  Being a foreigner is discovering the unknown day after day, not only for the time of a book.

If you want to learn about my life as a French native, visit me on my Blog.

Because of my husband’s career our family has moved from the West Coast to the East Coast twice.  We have lived in several parts of California and Massachusetts but Maine is home since the day we gave a new life to a small red front lake cabin.



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