Goodbye 2015

A year ago my blog post explained why I stopped making New Year’s resolutions.

It is true than I am more and more appreciative of small successes, small gifts, small moments, small life pleasures.

In this aspect I’ve been lucky. The last two weeks at my home have been filled with some of my very favorite five life ingredients:

  • Family time (meaning my kids were home with my husband and me)
  • Late nights watching movies, playing games and reading
  • Long walks
  • Great homemade meals
  • Meaningful gifts

Since I spend a lot of time writing it was fun to check my five posts that got the most views in 2015:

People from 125 countries stopped by. Since I am French American and write in French and English it is not a surprise that my most regular readers live in France and in the USA. Considering that my top five posts illustrate my affection for my native and adoptive land, it is also pretty clear that my dual identity attracts people.

By the way, I hadn’t planned to do the A to Z Challenge again, but should I reconsider? Really?

I’ll leave you with no resolutions for 2016, but with my five small (who said small wasn’t big?) moments of 2015 in photos.

photo(44)Baltimore. My daughter’s new college home.

photo(112)Still writing.

photo(33) Los Angeles. My son’s college home.

 photo(148) Starting yoga.

photo(128)Two daughters graduating with a BA and a Master. For privacy purposes I can only show one!

And my small gift to wish each and every one of you a safe end of 2015 and a very happy New Year 2016.

photo(166)My Maine little pond.

See you soon on your blog!





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