Take your iPad to Paris and Normandy For Free Until Labor Day

To introduce my Young Adult and Middle Grade novels to the readers who cannot travel without their iPad, I’m offering Trapped in Paris and Chronicles From Château Moines for Free on iBooks until Labor Day.

Enjoy! Spread the news! Leave reviews!

Happy Reading to All of You From my Favorite Summer Writing Spot in Maine!













  1. I have an android device but Evelyn, I love your deck 🙂

  2. Bev Broughton says:

    Such a delightful setting for inspiration…write on!

  3. What a nice gesture. I hope you get a good response. It would be nice to think about people reading something worthwhile on those flights and in those quiet times.

  4. Thank you! I am not a fan of electronic books but I accept to read them when they are free (and sometimes I buy them afterwards as hard copies).
    I have downloaded both and am looking forward to reading and reviewing.

  5. Nancy Ralston says:

    Great idea. Love your writing spot. What an inspiration!

  6. Suddenly, I wish I hadn’t just given away my iPad to my granddaughter!

  7. What a wonderful offer for your wonderful books. Sounds like a trip to France is in order


  1. […] you leave, I would like to let you know that my blogging friend Evelyne is giving away her books for free at the moment. And I have already started reading one of them, […]

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