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I am pleased to share with you what Publishers Weekly wrote about my Middle Grade novel Chronicles From Château Moines.

Through my blog posts, my stories, and novels I share snippets of my life, a delicate balance between two languages and two cultures, and my affection for the USA and France, my two homes on earth.

My writing illustrates my journey as a non-native speaker.

I am a work-in-progress and practice is what I get to make it better.

Practice and readers’ support, and once a while a professional review that sustains my goal.

Thank you for reading me.



  1. Congrats Evelyne. That’s really nice.


  3. Congratulations!!!

  4. cardamone5 says:

    Congrats 🙂

  5. Congratulations Evelyne. Thats a nice article. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. How exciting! Congratulations!

  7. Many congratulations Evelyne, wonderful for you 🙂

  8. Behind the Story says:

    Congratulations! That’s a great review and a big achievement for you and your book.

  9. Congratulations on the review Evelyne, great news 🙂

  10. toutes mes félicitations (je fais appel au traducteur avec mon anglais niveau scolaire 🙂 )

    • Merci, tu es trop sympa de me lire en anglais. En fait je suis contente car la critique est bonne et c’est encourageant pour mes autres projets. Au plaisir de te lire.

  11. Yay! A big shout out from your California critique group. Wonderful review. Best of luck on your continued success.

  12. Bien entendu bravo, Evelyne !

  13. Congratulations Evelyne on the review. You’re a fantastic writer and it’s great to see the recognition coming your way!

    • I’m still learning so much. I’m a work-in-progress and I’m sure you know what I mean as an artist. But it’s good to be noticed once in a while, so it gives me a nudge when I feel like giving up. Thank you so much for your kind words, Mary.

  14. Omg! Congrats! This is so incredible. Those little things can really help us feel determined to keep going in the right direction. You deserve it my friend!

  15. Brilliant Evelyne! Félicitations!!

    • Thank you, Claire. I’m happy about it since the people at PW are selective about the books they review, so it’s encouraging me to sharpen my skills. Hope you are well too, Claire. See you on your blog.

  16. marianallanos says:

    I ordered your novel. I have a feeling my son is going to love it. 🙂

  17. Thank you, Linda. It was good to read this review.

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