Interview with Chronicles from Chateau Moines author Evelyne Holingue

The Holiday Season is about giving and receiving. What a nice gift I got today! Kimberly sent it from Italy where she lives with her family. Thank you, Kimberly. To all, Happy Holiday Season.


Evelyne Holingue book coverI’m thrilled to have Evelyne Holingue, a talented French author living and working in California, back on my web site.

Some time back, I had an author interview with Evelyne about her first YA novel, Trapped in Paris. See my post here.

I’m especially pleased to invite Evelyne back to announce her new, cross-cultural YA novel set in 1970s France – Chronicles from Chateau Moines. I love the sound of this book. I will be getting it for my french-studying son, but it will really be a ruse to read it for myself.

Evelyne, thanks so much for joining me today.

Can you give us a brief book blurb?

September 1970: Scott’s mother has recently died and his father gets the crazy idea to move his family from California to Normandy. Now Scott has to learn to live without his mom while adjusting to France. In his…

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