Coming soon: my new Board Book

I am so pleased to share with you the upcoming release of my Board Book OUR WORLD: FRANCE, illustrated by Margaux Carpentier and published by Barefoot Books.  

So happy and proud to be a member of this warm dedicated publishing house! Thanks to my editor, the whole process was like the best ride, fast and fun.  
From our initial conversation to this official announcement, Kate DePalma has been everything a writer dreams for and beyond. Thank you, merci, Kate.  
Illustrations are crucial for Board Books, so merci, Margaux Carpentier for adding so much color and joy to my words.  

Through my writing, I’ve always shared my affection for my native France. Working on this book and collaborating with Barefoot Books on this project could not have been better for me.  Cannot wait for publication in Fall 2022.

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