First Book Signing

I love Thanksgiving. There is no better way for a French native to spend a day. Food and company.

I don’t like Black Friday that much. I prefer Small Business Day the following day.

Well, this year Small Business Day was kind of special for me.

At Petunia’s Place on Small Business Day

In the company of five other writers and illustrators for children’s books, I had my first signing.

Petunia’s Place, one of the very few independent bookstores in Central California, invited me to join an impressive group of authors. The Sierra Star, a local paper, did a profile of little me and advertised the event for all of us.

It was a significant time for me for several reasons. The first one being the opportunity to show case my novel. The second one because Petunia’s Place is a bookstore where I took my children a lot when they were younger. The two owners read the books they sell and are such good storytellers that I was never able to leave the store without purchasing at least one book. I always thought they had the coolest job on earth before I started to write.

On Saturday, I was anxious to meet potential readers. The very first one was a girl of twelve years old. She was shy and didn’t seem to notice that I was as nervous. It’s a big deal to have someone pay for a story you wrote. As I signed a copy for her, I hoped she would like the story, I hoped she would cheer for my characters, and moreover I hoped she would be entertained so she would keep reading for the rest of her life.

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