French Friday: Freestyling on the Road

Away from my American home, even when still in the USA, I pay attention to little French things unnoticeable otherwise.

Like these clothes.





Often popular in the U.S., I kept spotting them everywhere this last week.

Nothing beats hands-on experiences to acquire a foreign language. Trust me.

Of course, these explorations come with mistakes. We can always correct them later on. Otherwise, there is little chance to progress.

Do you spot the tiny French mistakes on these T-shirts and sweatshirts?


On the other side of the Atlantic, things are pretty funny too. I discovered a young Belgian singer who sings in French but incorporates some English lyrics in her songs. In her really cool song La Loi de Murphy she complains about her ruined brushing, which is a blow dry and orders a coffee to take away. She got the hips and is shaken to the top. I love Angèle Van Laeken, simply called Angèle for obvious reasons. Really awesome.

And the winning team Orelsan/Stromae is really great in the song La Pluie (The Rain). The French rapper Orelsan sings mostly in French, but occasionally adds some English words.

How can I blame them?

I sometimes go freestyle too. Sentences form and grow in my head, some words in French, some in American English. They would sound strange to anyone these sentences built from two languages, but somehow they create a song that belongs to me and accompanies me when I am away from my American home, even when still in the USA.






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