Thank Your Audience

Promoting a published novel is thrilling and daunting.

I could add that the work is even harder when the writer has opted for the DIY. But that would be manipulative. Everyone works hard, some harder, at marketing and promotion.

What I discovered when I published my novel Trapped in Paris is simple.

1-    The people who had supported me in the past in other aspects of my life put immediately their loyal fans’ hats on.

Morality: Your fan club depends of the size of your family and the number of your die-hard friends. AND of the way YOU have been supporting them in the past.

2-    The professionals who opened their doors to my book and to me were people I had known for many years. I am talking of teachers, librarians, and booksellers.

Morality: YOUR gift of time, genuine interest for their jobs, and business support pay off.

Next week, I will be presenting my novel at a local library. Since the audience will be diverse, I decided to focus on three major points:

1- Finding ideas for a story: I know kids will be in the room. Don’t you remember the struggle when a teacher asked us to write about something, anything? I found it harder than getting a prompt.

Ideas are within us or around us.

For Trapped in Paris, the inspiration was the explosion of a volcano in Iceland, two days after my daughter returned from France. What if she had been there and stuck at the airport?

2- Writing in a second language: Millions of children in California speak another language besides English. Some are proficient in English, some aren’t. Some have parents who don’t speak English at all.

Several teachers have told me that more and more children speak poor English, even though they are American-born and have American-born parents.

Lack of education + multiple underpaid jobs due to a slow economy + geographic inequality = poor readers.

Mastering a second language is difficult – I know the challenge.

However – again I know firsthand – mastering the language spoken where you make your home is key to assimilation and success

3- Q&A: I hope for many!

And last but not least, a tip from my husband/ most loyal fan : BE VISUAL.

I’m fully aware that my lovely accent – that’s not me who describe it that way – is not enough to keep people entertained and interested.

So I selected personal photographs to illustrate my background – I’m lucky to be from a photogenic country – and portray my journey as a writer.

Anyone who chooses to spend an hour on a lovely California Saturday afternoon inside a library deserves a well-prepared presentation.

I hope that my twenty slides will be my best thank you.

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