In Homage to Charles Aznavour. En Hommage à Charles Aznavour.

Today one of the most well-known French singers passed away. He was 94 and sang for 72 years. His long, prestigious career is also unusual since he was born poor and the sons of two Armenian immigrants wo left Turkey in the wake of more violence against their people, eight years after the Genocide.

My mother told me that I liked one of his songs when I was only a few years old. I don’t remember. What I remember tonight, though, is one of his concerts.

A first for me. A last for him in North America.

Here is what I wrote when my husband and I saw Aznavour in concert in Montreal, almost exactly two years ago. Unforgettable moment and weekend.

Pour vous mes amis français qui venaient de perdre l’un des plus grands noms de la chanson française voici ce que j’ai écrit en voyant Aznavour en concert à Montréal avec mon mari, il y a deux ans. Moment et weekend inoubliables.





  1. That’s an amazing career. Sorry to read of his passing.

    • He left hundreds of songs behind, not counting the ones he wrote for others. I didn’t care much for him when I was younger and lived in France. Seeing him in concert in Montreal showed me why so many people loved his work. He wasn’t instantly successful and worked hard to get to the top. He was still writing every day until he passed away. Pretty impressive.

  2. What a life Charles Aznavour lived. It is amazing that he was performing at 92. How fortunate that you were able to go to his last concert.
    I’m sure his legacy will live on.

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