For Houston and Dickinson and Rockport and Port Aransas and all of Texas

I didn’t find it appropriate to write about food and books when so many of our fellow Texans are anxiously watching water takes over a whole region of their home state, in the aftermaths of Hurricane Harvey.

Texas is so gigantic that most Americans living away barely scratch the surface. My family drove several times through the state on our way from California to Maine and vice versa. We’ve stopped in Dallas and Amarillo and Tyler.

In Amarillo, we ate a couple of times at the Big Texan Steakhouse where a guitarist serenaded us once with Yellow Roses of Texas.

In Tyler Municipal Rose Garden, we admired gorgeous roses which survived an unusual cold, stormy winter.

Their resilience is just my small message of compassion and hope to anyone in Texas now and also to anyone who loves someone in Texas.







  1. We’ve been saying little prayers for the folks in those areas all weekend. I’m sure they will recover, but I hope the devastating rain ends soon.

  2. I can’t even imagine how they will deal with that much water. It’s a staggering amount, like a whole winter plus a spring and maybe a wet summer, too. A lot of water.

    • It is barely imaginable, I agree. The perspective of even more is simply unthinkable. Texas has big weather and knows its share of natural disasters. So much water is still a shock for the residents.

  3. We’re watching the news and praying for families in Texas as they deal with devastation and destruction.Roses are a fitting symbol.

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