And a Happy New Year!

We asked writers, photographers, artists, poets, and business and website owners: what’s in store for you — and your site — in 2017? In this first post of our Resolutions series, members of the community share their goals for the new year.


We are nearing the end of the year. For most of us it is a bittersweet moment. Regrets?  Anticipation?

I already shared on my blog that I used to make resolutions for the New Year.  When our children were little my husband and I created a tradition that left its marks since at least two of our daughters are still writing down New Year’s resolutions or goals as they say.

Back then we used to write our “resolutions/goals” that we would seal in separate envelops. On New Year’s Eve we would open our personal envelop and burn its contents. A clean slate for the upcoming year.

Sometimes I was disappointed when I opened my envelope. Maybe I had set the bar too high? Maybe it was better to have dreams more than resolutions/goals?

Whatever the reason my decision to stop writing down anything on New Year’s Eve marked the children’ departure for college.

Not making formal resolutions doesn’t mean living every day with no purpose.

This very short post published on Discover will tell you what I intend to do with my blog in 2017.

Thank you, Cheri Lucas Rowlands for inviting me to participate to this WordPress event. I am humbled to find myself among people who have definitely set the bar high.

To each of you, WordPress bloggers who read me and talk to me through my posts, thank you for your visits and comments and Happy New Year 2017!


This dessert exemplifies a slice of my life. A traditional French Bûche de Noël with its American trimmimgs.


  1. Happy Holidays Evelyne! 🙂

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours. It’s been a difficult year. I’m just hoping that the next one is not as bad as I fear … and maybe will hold some good surprises. You are always one of the bright spots in my blogging week 🙂

    • Happy New Year to you and Garry, Marilyn! As we spoke of 2016, my family agreed that it was hard to define it as a good year, even though many personal positive things happened to us. When the rest of the world is so shaky it is difficult to feel cheerful. Yet I want to believe in good versus bad. Despite everything around us.

  3. I hope 2017 is a very good year Evelyne, for all of us.

  4. I love to spend time looking into the window of your world Evelyne and I look forward to more of your observations in the coming year.

    • And I love looking into your window, too, Andrea. I’m looking for more beautiful posts to feed my soul and mind. Reading you has been a real treat and I wish you the very best for 2017. See you next year!

  5. Honoured to be in your company Evelyne in WordPress Discover’s Glimpse into 2017. Many congratulations and wishing you a very Happy New Year…Andrew

  6. Love the dessert! ‘Not making formal resolutions doesn’t mean living every day with no purpose.’ this is exactly why I love having goals at my fingertips! As a reminder for every day! as explained in my newest post!

  7. Wow! Quelle jolie bûche de Noël! Bonne année à vous 😊

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