Fall Impressions From Maine



The popping popcorn sound of the acorns landing in the meadow is now the backdrop of my days.

The air smells of freshly chopped logs and anticipation of wood burning in the fireplace.

The hands of the wind are still velvety when I take my morning walk. Soon, however, its cool fingers will crawl down my neck, and I’ll need a hoodie.

The trees are still undecided; they try on different shades of orange and red outfits, while discarding their outdated summer dresses.

At the farmstands, the chubby pumpkins and funny-shaped squashes bring the promise of automnal treats on my tongue, and friendly trick-or-treat visitors at my door.




I’m a fall child, and this time of year has always been my favorite. While many people dread the shorter days, colder mornings and nights, and the slippery rainy roads, I anticipate the warmth of candlelight dinners, the feel of my favorite sweater, and the sight of rain-streaked windows.

I know how fortunate I am to enjoy the earliest part of the fall in Maine, where the season trumpets its arrival and people embrace the transition between summer and winter.

In honor of the first day of fall, I leave you with a few pics from my little Maine corner. Today, by the way, feels more like summer than fall. But they say…










Where are you welcoming fall?



  1. judithworks says:

    I’m welcoming fall in my new condo (older building but new to us). We have a view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains which don’t have any snow on them yet.

  2. All of the photos are pretty and your words so evocative. Ah, nice!
    Here, it looks a bit like fall on some of the trees. However, we’re still in the hotness of hot weather and it feels more like August. My FB On This Day had me wearing a jacket and starting tortellini soup on this morning last year, so I must continue to be patient.

    • Thank you, Joey. Maine is so photogenic it’s impossible to miss a photo, even with a dated iPhone. Actually, our first official autumnal day is more today than yesterday. We got some rain and there is a colder feel in the air.
      Funny how one season can be so different one year from another. Hope it will cool off soon for you.

  3. We’re starting to see leaves on the ground, but the photo of the leaves on the sidewalk looks like fall has fallen.

  4. I’ve been in Maine during the fall, Evelyne, camping at Acadia National Park (also during the spring and summer). I still have photos of a pumpkin carving contest my family undertakes annually. It was beautiful there, as your photos relate. We had our first rain of the season here today, which we greeted with pleasure. Many trees are beginning to show color. But few things can match a New England Fall. Thanks. –Curt

  5. My family has stayed in Acadia twice but we didn’t camp. It is true that fall in this area is very special, but I’m sure your area is gorgeous too. I’ll go visit you now (on your blog) for your NE post. Thank you for visiting me.

  6. I was just in Maine this summer. It sounds like fall is an especially lovely time of year there. Makes me wistful as we’re not really at “fall” here in Arizona ;).

    • Nice to see you, Luanne. I bet Arizona is still pretty warm now. Today was a true fall day in Maine: rain, wind, leaves on the ground and suddenly the sun and a gorgeous sunset. Tomorrow and the next few days are supposed to be sunny and crisp. Send some cool air your way.

  7. Beautiful words and images Evelyne, you know how I love the fall – one day I’d love to experience it in Maine.

  8. Behind the Story says:

    Poetic musings, gorgeous photos.

    Fall is sneaking up on me this year. Maybe it always does. Yesterday the tree beside my driveway was starting to become colorful. Today it has exploded with color. It’s the same all over town. Two days pass, three, and another row of trees has changed clothes. I can’t decide which season I like best, spring, summer, or fall. I love the golden light of a fall afternoon.

    • Every season is special. But I’ve always loved fall. I’m happy for you that you can enjoy the change of colors. Not everywhere!
      And the light of a fall afternoon is truly something, I agree. See you, Nicki.

  9. We’ll be in Ogunquit the week after next and I’m hoping we catch the very end of the Autumn leafing season. It’s JUST beginning here, but in a few days, with a little luck, it will explode into full color. Got my camera ready!

    • I think you’ll be right in time. It hasn’t started yet, just a slight change but nothing drastic. You should enjoy the pic of this show. I’m further north from Ogunquint, so it could be more advanced in the south.
      And I cannot wait to see the results.

  10. Lovely! L.A. doesn’t get the great fall foliage, but I really like visiting places that have crisp autumns.

    • Thank you, Jennifer. Glad you enjoyed the virtual fall. As much as I love CA, I always miss a true fall when I’m there, so I’m grateful for the chance I have to spend so much more time in Maine after the summer. It is currently sunny and warm during the day and much cooler early morning, especially since our little cottage is a three-season home. But the beauty is worth an extra sweater when I wake up. See you around.

  11. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures of Maine. I’ll make it there for a visit one day.

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