My Cherished Notebook(s)

As soon as I read about the Cherished Blogfest on No Facilities aka Dan Antion’s blog, I knew I had to introduce my cherished notebooks.



Yep, one of my most cherished objects is a notebook. For full disclosure I should say that any notebook, notepad, composition book, diary or even loose paper makes my list of most cherished object.

I like them so much that I have boxes of notebooks because I never throw them away. I ask for notebooks for my birthday, Mother’s Day and Christmas. Any other occasion is suitable too. I also collect the tiny notepads you find in hotel rooms.

I keep a notebook or a notepad in my purse, near my bed, in my den, in my yoga bag. Everywhere I go, one of them follows me.

I write on my MacAir and even on my iPhone but every word starts on a notebook.

Take my latest children’s story. I scribbled it on a small notepad while running a couple of laundry loads at a Maine Laundromat last summer. Highlights loved it and will publish it in Highlights Five in 2017. So. I owe this publication to this tiny notepad, stuck in my purse.

You just never know when an idea will strike. Why take a chance?


I want you to meet my latest notebook.



It’s 100% Made in Maine and you can read more about these funky gorgeous notebooks here.

I cherish this particular notebook much more than any other because it’s one of my husband’s numerous gifts to me. He knows I love them and that I love anything handmade. And that I love sushis.


The pictures don’t give credit to the real beauty of the notebook. It’s entirely covered with printed fabric depicting sushi rolls. The fabric is soft under the fingers. The paper inside is thick and cream-colored and the binding is really cool too.


I’m using this notebook for my new fiction project. I’ve got the feeling that a most cherished notebook will bring me luck.










  1. It is beautiful ☺

  2. Great blog; I too still love to start the creative process with a pen rather than a keyboard!

    • It’s different, isn’t? As much as a computer is necessary when things have taken shape, I find handwriting very helpful to release my ideas.

      • Absolutely! It’s funny how sometimes progress is great but sometimes things are better the old way. I still remember as a kid when I spent lots of time writing stories, having a lump appear on one finger where the pen used to rest x

  3. That is a beauty! I lovd how you can trace a story back to the notebook. I hope this one is lucky.

    I love notepads, and I have them everywhere. I try to get my notes into something digital these days but sometimes I think paper would be better. At work and in my shop, I always start on paper.

    • Yes, this is one is a treasure. The woman who launched this business is highly creative. I was almost hesitant to write inside this notebook since it’s so pretty. But I thought it was made for that purpose and I hope it will be filled with stuff good enough for a new story.
      And I agree with you about paper and handwriting. As much as I love my computer, I need paper to start. That’s why I favor paperbooks to e-books. See you around, Dan.

    • I cannot get creative on an electronic object. I need to feel the pen to paper in my hands — then I can edit on the computer…. It’s tactile, the smell of paper, the rustle and the scratching noises. Best in coffeeshop!

  4. Good to know 🙂 I love people who cherish notebooks – it’s easy to buy them gifts. Great post!

    • People who love notebooks are the easiest to please! We also love cards. In fact, we love anything with paper. And we love books of course, too. Perfect gifts! Thank you for stopping by, Gulara.

  5. Good luck with your latest project. Enjoyed your notebook post.

  6. I love notebooks…when traveling if possible always buy some I cannot find at home…if one day I’ll come to Maine (it’s on my wish list) for sure I’ll remember this Purplebean Bindery! Thanks

    • For photographers or anyone with an artistic mind, notebooks are our companions. The notebooks from Maine are on sale in Maine but also online. So, even though visiting Maine is always a treat, you can still get a notebook from your home. In any case, thank you for your visit.

  7. I am also a sucker for a nice notebook. I have quite a collection myself. 🙂 Nice addition to the Cherished Blogfest!

  8. I bet it also has that wonderful rich paper smell. If they made a perfume that smelled like new paper, I think I’d wear it. I’d love to smell like a notebook. That’s a beautiful book. I hope you have a fountain pen with which to write in it 🙂

    • You’re right, Marilyn. It smells real good. I don’t have a fountain pen anymore but you tempt me. I used to write with one in France and then I had a hard time to find the correct ink cartridges in the US when I moved, so I stopped using it. Some of my notebooks are so pretty (my kids and husband pick some gorgeous ones) that I always want to keep them whole. But in the end I use them and am glad I do. See you around, Marilyn.

  9. A handmade notebook — what a great choice. There’s nothing quite like actually writing, especially in our overly digitized age. Pen, ink, paper. It takes time to write, but what a lot of people forget is that it takes to think.

    I can see why you’d enjoy writing in this. Good post!

    • As much as I like my little MacBook Air, something special happens when I write on paper. I think I feel a sense of freedom that escape me with my keyboard. Words appear on the screen and I keep correcting typos. The flow of words is altered. Thank you for stopping by, Paul, and for commenting.

  10. I’ve become a big fan of notebooks whose pages can be easily removed, rearranged, or moved to other notebooks of the same size. Since I do all my first-drafting in longhand with fountain pens, I discovered that most commercial paper is too thin to use both sides of. The paper that goes with these notebooks is sturdy enough.

    • That’s a great idea, Susanna. A friend of mine recommended a software that acts like that in a way and I was hesitant. But I’d rather use the kind of notebook you are suggesting. If you write with a fountain pen, yes the quality of paper has to be great. I will look for these notebooks. Are they available in typical stores such as Office Depot or even drugstores? I’m interested.

  11. That’s a great looking notebook! Mine are usually the boring kind with no pretty cover 😦 I tend to only write lists and the like in mine though which doesn’t really justify a nice notebook. But, if I did creative writing in mine, I would definitely have to up my game and get nicer looking notebooks.

    • I have some that look more ordinary too. And I LOVE making lists as well. This particular one is really cool looking. Almost too cool to use it. Thank you for your visit, Ellen.

  12. One can never have too many notepads, Evelyn. I use them often, but mostly for lists and reminders. I love your husband’s gift to you, it’s very unique and I hope it is giving you great inspiration for your fiction piece. Thanks for sharing your cherished object.

    CBF Cohost

  13. I can so relate to your cherished object. I am sitting next to the pile of possibilities in a stack of notebooks. Mine are mostly sketching, then one brand I prefer for writing only… Thanks for playing with us, Kate, Co-Host, #CBF16

    • It was a challenge that talks to anyone since each of us cherishes something. Since it was ‘object’ I stayed away from less materialistic cherished ‘things.’ I was amazed to see the number of people who still love notebooks, diaries, journals and books too. Paper matters to us, human beings. Thanks for hosting this challenge, Kate.

  14. Your notebook is beautiful. I have a collection of notebooks myself, some are gifts and others just sort of appeared in my life. One should never be without a handy notebook, inspiration can strike at any time 😉 Thanks for sharing.

  15. Totally agree with you. Whenever I’m without a notebook or a notepad (when I take a quick walk in my neighborhood) and an idea shoots to my mind, I realize how stupid I was to leave them behind. I rush home to jot it down. Our minds can remember a lot but sometimes a twist in the plot of a story can appear and disappear as quickly if we don’t write it down right away. Thank you for stopping by.

  16. dconnollyislandgmailcom says:

    Hi, Evelyne – Your post has given me a new appreciation of notebooks and notepads. I just finished a three-week bag packing trip in Europe (including 10-days on the Camino trail). Without my computer or iPad with me, and with minimal WiFi, I worked on my blog posts with pen and paper. This had become a lost art for me (as I have done ALL of my writing via technology for quite some time now). After my recent experiences, I now plan to put more effort in reconnecting with paper and pen! Thanks for sharing this.

    • Now you make me curious about the Camino Trail, Donna. I assume it’s in Spain since we have our El Camino in California, based on the route that follows the creation of the missions across the state. I can see how using noteboks was helpful when you traveled. I have filled many notebooks along my several cross country trips in the USA. Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to comment. Best to you as your travel the world.

  17. That’s a gorgeous notebook from Maine. Besides diaries, I have heaps of notebooks as well. For budget reasons, these are the most simplest things, but they bring me joy. I agree with you: a writer should always carry a pen and notebook with him/her. Inspiration can hit any time! (Mine, unfortunately, prefers to hit at night, when I am lazily bound to bed, without a notebook.) Good luck with your fiction project.

    Liesbet @ Roaming About

    • Thanks, Liesbet. I kept a diary from my childhood until I left France. After that I was too busy with my family and started to write fiction. But I also started to use more notebooks to write down ideas or words I discovered since I learned most of my English in the USA.
      I like to keep one on my nightstand because I always read in bed and whenever I love a book I like to remember why, so I also keep a reading log. I’m a little crazy about these notepads and notebooks. Especially because my family has moved a lot, it takes two additional boxes to pack my stuff. But. Thanks for your good wishes for my next story. I know what I’d like to achieve. I am currently searching for the way to tell the story. Best to you.

  18. You make the notebook sound so deliciously tempting! Would love to leaf through and feel the texture 🙂

  19. The paper is very thick and I like that since it’s sturdy enough to write on it, even being in a car for example. The series this woman has created is quite cool. Thank you for your kind visit.

  20. You latest notebook looks awesome! And yes, I too get the fascination with notebook/ journals and I have one with me wherever I go 🙂

  21. Behind the Story says:

    I remember the pleasure of choosing stationery when I was a kid. I’m still attracted to boxes of beautiful note cards. I have more on the shelf than I will ever use. My favorite notebooks, however are regular old spiral notebooks and legal pads. I have some beautiful notebooks, but I allow their beauty to put too much pressure on me to write something good. So I don’t use them.

    • I’m with you for the cards. And until recently I also kept some notebooks on a shelf, just to admire them. But in the end I decided to go ahead and write in this one. Stationary stores remain with bookstores my favorite shops to visit. See you around, Nicki.

  22. I’m a notebook person, too. Unfortunately, I keep finding new ones and never seem to finish the previous ones. I have just started bullet journaling. Have you heard of it?

    Congratulations on your upcoming piece in Highlights %. I’ll look forward to reading it.

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