Let’s Eat. Let’s Read. Let’s Celebrate the 4th of July.



My husband and I have signed a new deal.

When we are on the road toward our little Maine lake cabin, the chef (my husband cooks more than I do, now) picks the table of his choice for dinner, as long as there is an independent bookstore in town for book lover-me.

Sometimes, I score big when the bookstore happens to be located where a favorite author lives.

On Friday, we drove to Lititz, a charming small Pennylvania town located less than ten miles away from Lancaster. Which is also a real cool city with its art galleries, independent stores, cafés, restaurants and theaters.

Back to Lititz. Lined with shops, the walkable lovely town reminded me of my French childhood. With a distinct American touch.



Only readers can relate to the heart racing feeling when entering a special bookstore. At Aaron’s Books, I knew I would find every book written by local author A.S. King. Since I’ve read everything she wrote I only bought two books, because I wanted signed copies.


Please Ignore Vera Dietz is still my very favorite.



Driving through Pennsylvania is diving through American History. As we were edging our way toward the Fourth of July weekend, I observed many flags and even dogs wearing cute little red white and blue bandanas.

Later, throughout New England, bridges were all decorated with small American flags. I also noticed larger red, white and blue banners that read: United We Stand, Divided We Fail.

I avoid politics on my blog, while I strongly believe that we can’t and shouldn’t ignore politics. Unfortunately, it gets harder to voice opinions now days without meeting harsh definite judgment from people who disagree. We should be able to listen to the reasons why people think this way or that way. There are always reasons, even if we don’t like them and don’t share them. But it seems that we can’t listen anymore. So.

But these banners, elbowing traditional American flags, gave me hope.

As did these people in the small town of Rock Hill, South Carolina, who oohs and aahs when they saw a stunning peacock perched on one the cars parked near The Pump House, a cool and very good restaurant, located in an old mill, right on the Catawba River. The peacock was much more impressive in reality, but it was late and dark.






We all belong to this gorgeous planet, populated with extraordinary-looking animals and emotionally-interesting human creatures.

Tomorrow we are celebrating the American Independence.

Let’s remember.

Let’s eat.

Let’s read.

Let’s snap pictures of peacocks or whichever beautiful bird or animal we cross paths with.




From my little Maine lake cabin, I wish you a happy safe and peaceful 4th of July.



  1. Finding those bookstores is always special, even though it almost always means a delay in the schedule 🙂

    Enjoy the 4th, Evelyne!

  2. Bev Broughton says:

    I always love to hear from you…yes, bookstores are magnetic to me…wishing you and yours a wonderful summer.
    Bev Broughton

  3. Ah, a classic Maine cabin. One of my favorite places on earth are lakes in northern Maine. Preferably with a few loons to sing to me.

    • Our lake place cannot be more typical of these Maine old camps. It goes back to 1910, so it has seen lots of summers. And winters too. And I saw my first family of loons on our arrival. Two adults and two little ones. I adore them. So nice of you to stop by despite my long absence from the blogosphere. Only due to fiction writing. Wish you and Garry a lovely summer.

  4. I am a sucker for independent bookstores just like you, Evelynne. And of course I always have to buy a book: One because I want to, and two, because I want to support the store. Love the view of the lake from you little cabin. Happy 4th! –Curt

    • I’m like you about independent bookstores, Curt. Love spending time there. And money too, since I never leave without finding a new book from a favorite author or discovering a new one. The view from the cabin is typical Maine lake. Picture-like. Miss reading your adventures, due to the final revisions of my new novel. Keep my fingers crossed now.

  5. Behind the Story says:

    A peacock sighting makes any day special. Eat, read, remember and a cabin in Maine–simple, perfect ways to celebrate the day. Sometimes we make things too complicated (and divisive). Happy Fourth.

    • This peacock was something. I saw many in California but this one was impressive in size and coloring too. Its feathers were gorgeous. Loved the message on the paper bag I got at that lovely bookstore. Eat Read Sleep. Yours is cool too! Thank you for another kind visit, Nicki.

  6. Fascinating! What an adventure, Evelyne. My heart raced just seeing the photos of the bookshop 🙂

  7. I love the views from your Maine cabin. There is nothing better than spending time at a lake! It sounds like your drive up was a fun adventure too.

  8. We are lucky to have found this little place years ago, when our kids were toddlers. It did create lots of family memories. Enjoy your Maine summer, too!

  9. I am slao always on the lookout for independent bookstores when I travel. You can learn a lot bout a place from their bookstores.
    The peacock on the car is hilarious. When we had our little ranch we had peacocks. They liked to look at themselves in the reflective silver car bumper.

    • The bookstore in Lititz is really cool, due to the booksellers I met who were engaging and friendly and to the fact that Lititz is an adorable place, almost in a time capsule.
      I’ve seen many peacocks in my life, but this one was huge and gorgeous. The fact that it settled on the car was funny. We stayed for a while, waiting to see what it would do. It’s only when more people showed up that it left the car and walked away in a very dignified manner. I can easily imagine that one admiring itself in the car bumper. It was too dark, unfortunately.

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