Thank You, Mr. David Bowie

My husband reads the news at odd hours. Much later and much earlier than I do. He is sometimes the bearer of excellent news. Sometimes he announces sad events.

“I’m sorry,” he started this morning. “David Bowie is dead.” My husband knows who I like and who I don’t like.

David Bowie is dead.

But music, immense talent, exceptional art never die.

And the memories never go away.

Concert in Paris. 1983. I was there.

And Changes, my favorite David Bowie’s song stays with me.

Thank you, Mr. David Bowie. Thank you so much.


  1. So sad…On a du mal à dire quelle chanson on a préféré, en écoutant les choix des autres, on se dit : ah oui, celle-ci, qu’elle est belle ! Bowie, c’était la classe, du neuf à chaque fois. Oui, merci Mr Bowie

    • Un artiste hors pair, c’est certain. Tu as raison pour les chansons. Il y en a beaucoup que j’aime. Changes c’est une époque importante de ma vie en France et la musique c’est comme les livres, on l’associe à des moments. Moments qui reviennent quand on écoute une certaine chanson ou relit un certain livre. Un grand grand artiste ce Bowie. À plus.

  2. great artist , that leaves behind him some great moment in our lives, at least in mine he’s not anymore a hero just for one day , he’s a forever hero in my music history and on some many more people !

  3. It is sad news. “Changes” has always been a favorite song.

  4. Dire que je ne l’ai jamais vu sur scène :-(… Restent des souvenirs musicaux

    • Oh c’est dommage! Une seule fois pour moi et je regrette de ne pas l’avoir vu davantage. Sa musique est extraordinaire. J’aime son dernier album aussi. Mais ses premiers sont pleins de souvenirs. Merci pour votre visite.

  5. I was caught off guard by the news this morning, not having known he was ill. We were talking about him just the other day as an actor in “The Man Who Fell to Earth.”

    • He was a discreet man, for sure, since few knew about his illness. I just loved everything he did. His talent to reinvent himself was incredible. His music and voice were extraordinary. And he was so beautiful!

  6. Such shocking, sad news. Thank you Evelyne for your lovely tribute to this amazingly creative, kind, talented man. I was twelve when I bought my first 45 rpm record at Parrot Records in Ipswich, Suffolk. It was The Jean Genie. One of my all time favourites still…

  7. As a British girl you knew him before I did, I’m sure. Jean Genie is such a great song, too. I always have a weakness for Changes. Ashes to Ashes felt too sad yesterday, but it’s a beautiful song as well. I loved his character, talent and ability to be different and himself. There was only one like him. We are lucky to have his music and the memories.

  8. I have always enjoyed listening to David Bowie’s music. Now, I am learning so much more about this creative artist. He will be missed but, thankfully, his art will live on.

  9. An exceptional performance artist who will never be forgotten. What a legacy he left the world. You were fortunate to have seen him in concert.

  10. My memory of David Bowie was my cousin’s Ziggy Stardust LP that she left behind when she moved out of my grandmother’s house. I listened to it over and over and still have it. It’s amazing to look back over his life and see what he achieved.

    • Ziggy Stardust was a huge success, and like you I listened to David Bowie’s music over and over again. What I find extraordinary is to see how younger people still love his songs. My nineteen-year/old son loves Bowie and I remember our drives to and from schmo singing Ashes to Ashes or Changes at the top of our lungs. This is the power of music. See you, Andrea.

  11. Hi Evelyne,
    As a book lover, I thought you might be interested in this list of David Bowie’s 100 favorite books which was printed in the LA Times,

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