Ten Days to Add New E-Books to Your Favorite Tablet


Starting Today and for the Next Ten Days I’m part of a Multi-Author and Cross-Genre Promotion.

Who Are the Authors? What Book? How Much?


Check below for the list of participants, the book genres and readership.

Click on the author’s name for more information, including links to purchase the books.


Lucianna Cavallaro: Historical Fiction Mythology retold

Nicki Chen: Adult Historical Fiction WWII China

Jennifer Chow: Adult Cozy Mystery (first of a beginning series)

Katie Cross: YA Fantasy

Michael Fedison: YA Sci-fi/Fantasy

Evelyne Holingue: Middle-Grade Fiction

John Howell: Fiction Thriller

Barbara Monier: Contemporary Literary Fiction

Shehanne Moore: Historical Romance

Jo Robinson: Non-Fiction guide to publishing on Amazon and CreateSpace

Sonya Solomonovich: Time Travel Fantasy

Janice Spina: Middle-Grade Detective Mysteries


A Few Things about my Middle Grade novel Chronicles From Château Moines:

Click Here for a Free iPad version and Here for a Kindle version, offered at $0.99 today and for One Additional Dollar every following day for the next seven days. Don’t wait!

Publishers Weekly has described Chronicles From Château Moines as a “… charming novel set in a small village in Normandy in the early 1970s, braiding together American and French cultures via the alternating narratives of 12-year-old classmates Scott and Sylvie.”

And wrote that, “… Holingue creates a vivid, multigenerational cast of provincial characters, addressing the simmering anti-immigrant sentiments within the village while evoking the larger political and social climate of the stormy era.”

Evelyne Holingue book cover

Enjoy this pre-holiday e-book sale and treat yourself to new stories TODAY!

Thank you for your support!




  1. Woot woot! So excited to see if this helps 🙂

  2. Congratulations Evelyne!

  3. Wonderful Christmas guide for giving books ideas – wonderful review on your book.

    • I only know few authors, so I can’t discuss the merits of their books. I like Nicki’s book very much as well as Katie’s and Jennifer’s. But for the cost of most it is worth trying them all.

  4. What a great way to promote authors and their books. i see a few I’m going to read.

  5. Looks great.

  6. Your book sounds sweet and I am looking forward to reading it.

  7. Shared, pinned, and retweeted. Good luck with the cross-promotion 🙂

  8. Thanks so much again for taking part, Evelyne! We’ll have to do something like this again sometime.:)

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