Fall Pick



What’s better than reading your favorite author’s latest book? Discovering a new author.

My most exciting September find is a hilarious and yet poignant YA novel written by Canadian author Susin Nielsen.

Stewart has always wanted a sister and at the age of ten believes that his dream has finally come true. Sadly his beloved mom is not pregnant but has ovarian cancer and will die, leaving Stewart and his father very lonely and very sad.

The story starts two years after the devastating event. Stewart is a precocious kid, attending Little Genius Academy where he is thriving among other academically smart kids. However, his social kills aren’t that great, which again is not an issue since his friends are as nerdy as he is.

His father Leonard is now dating Caroline, who divorced her husband Phil when he announced that he is gay. Stewart is glad to see his father happy again, but he worries a lot when he finds out that they are soon moving to Caroline’s house. He is still mourning his mom. As a budding scientist he challenges the idea of after-life but strongly believes that his mom’s molecules are all over their home. Where will they go if they move away? The only positive thing is that Caroline has a fourteen-year-old daughter. Maybe the time for thirteen-year-old Stewart to have a sister has come.

Alas when Ashley and Stewart meet it is clear that they have not a single molecule in common. When Stewart is using a vocabulary well above his age, Ashley hates reading anything but fashion magazines. Ashey is considered a hot girl at school and pays a lot of attention to her appearance, while Stewart hasn’t reached pubery yet and couldn’t care less about his clothes. Their only common point (of course, they don’t know it yet is their personal quest for a family).

Things heat up when Stewart decides to attend the local school since his Academy is now too far. Because of Stewart’s top GPA he’s moved to freshman year, in Ashley’s grade. From the second Stewart and Ashley meet, their worlds collide, creating hilarious and yet serious situations. Ultimately the very satisfying ending brings closure to six months of roller coaster life both at school and at home and offers the promise of a sister to Stewart.

We Are All Made of Molecules is a story about family love and loyalty and about the human ability to re-build heartbroken families. It is also a story about growing up, resisting popular pressure and making difficult but right choices.

Written with wit and heart, and told from Stewart and Ashley’s perspectives, in short alternating chapters, the novel made me laugh out loud and shed a few tears, too.

Oh I forgot: there is also a cat, Stewart’s beloved pet. In many children’s books there is a dog, always the child’s loyal companion. I love the idea of the cat in this novel. A cat, we all know when we love them, can be as loyal and comforting as a dog in times of sorrow.

If you have a kid who loves warm-hearted stories with a mix of nerds and popular kids, has a great sense of humor and enjoys witty dialogues, this novel will become a favorite. I guarantee it.

As for me I’m already checking Susie Nielsen’s previous novels.


Next week will mark the first anniversary of the publication of my Middle Grade novel Chronicles From Chateau Moines. I just read a very thorough review here. If you haven’t read Chronicles From Chateau Moines and want to know more before purchasing it, I hope this will decide you.


Also next week, Kaleidoscope, the anthology published by Writers Abroad will be released. My story City of Lights is part of this year volume.


More soon…

Meanwhile I wish you all well. Enjoy the fall season!



  1. Ooh, you’ve got all the great reading spots! Love your book set against the autumn foliage…

  2. Thanks for the mention. Glad you liked the review.

    • I LOVED the review, Wendy. I truly appreciate the time you not only spent reading my novel but also reviewing it with so much details. Of course I like the fact that you’ve enjoyed the book. It means a lot to me. Thank you so much.

  3. Good review Evelyne. I think it would definitely encourage someone who enjoyed the genre to read the book. –Curt

  4. cardamone5 says:

    Wonderful review, Evelyne. Wishing you a lovely Fall.


    • The review for my novel was a nice surprise. It means a lot to a writer to see someone who has obviously read the book and took the time to review it so thoroughly. And the novel I highlight is a true gem. Maybe for one of your kids? Enjoy the fall season, too, Elizabeth.

  5. Wow – this book has a lot going on. I’d love to read it and see how the author handles all the different themes.
    It must be lovely in Maine these day. Enjoy the fall weather and colors.

  6. Thanks for introducing us to new authors. I can’t believe it’s already the anniversary of your MG novel!

    • I cannot realize how time goes by so quicky, either, Jennifer. As for the novel I’m pretty sure you would like it. I was impressed. There are many, many good books around. This one is very different. I can see why it’s published. See you soon.

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