With Summer Come Good Things


Summer is almost here. With summer come good things that we started during the short, darker days of winter.

Today I’m happy to share just a few with you.


* The three Picture Book manuscripts that I submitted to the 2015 CYA made the short list in the writing competition.

The Children’s and Young Adults Writing and Illustrating Conference is based in Australia, and I thank my friend Stella from Sydney for introducing me to the writing competition.

Wish me luck!


*The first draft of my new Middle Grade novel is well under way.

Although I freaked out many times this winter considering my slow progress, I’m happy to say that spending time with my fictional characters, before jumping to the keyboard, wasn’t such a bad idea. Talking of keyboard, I found out that my old notebook and pen weren’t too bad either. In the end I got to know my people much better and handwriting is more liberating than typing.


*Thank you, Chris, for having me today as a Guest Author on your popular and prolific blog.

From The Story Reading Ape’s Blog Chris generously provides various tips for writers and links to other writers. From inspiration to publishing, from drafting to marketing, there is something for everyone interested in the craft of writing and publication.

Thank you, Chris, for introducing my writing to the people who read your blog.

And thank you, my regular readers, for following my writing journey.



Enjoy the summer and the many good things that come with the season!















  1. just a smile for you, Evelyne…

  2. Here’s hoping for good things. Hugs!

  3. Good luck in the competition. Thanks for sharing some pretty pictures and some good news. I hope you have a great summer (but I hope we hear about it as it happens).

    • I need the good luck wishes! I took the photos at the Botanical Gardens of the University California in Berkeley. The grounds are outstanding, and despite the drought the flowers and shrubs are gorgeous. Thank you for stopping by and for wishing me good luck and a good summer.

  4. cardamone5 says:

    Lovely pics, and congrats on your writing accomplishments. Very inspiring.


    • So nice to see you, Elizabeth. The photos are taken in Berkeley (see my reply to Dan above) and I’m now waiting for more news regarding the competition. Always nerve wracking as you know. Due to these submissions I’m way behind reading my favorite blogs and must apologize about that. But I’ll stop by soon!

  5. It looks like you have a good start to a beautiful summer.

    I like to write on paper before moving on to the computer. And, with paper and pen you can write no matter where you are.

    Let us know when you hear the news about your contest submissions.

  6. So good to see you, Claire. I agree with pen and paper. At least for the first draft. As for the submissions, yes, I’ll keep you all posted. See you soon, Claire.

  7. Good luck Evelyne! I look forward to seeing the results. –Curt

  8. Viva handwriting! (You probably knew I was going to say that — I’m the one who has 11 fountain pens and 14 bottles of ink.) Time is a good editor, and not a bad writer either. Good luck in the competition!

    • I’m not too surprised to read that you favor handwriting to typing. In France I used to have several fountain pens and different inks. I stopped using them here since the cartridges didn’t fit my pens. But even with a plain pen I always see a difference when I write on paper, especially for a first draft. Thank you for your good wishes.

  9. Behind the Story says:

    Congratulations on making the short list. Best of luck. I’m glad your YA novel is going well. I also write by hand before I put it on the computer. It seems to work for me.

    • Thank you so much, Nicki. Handwriting helps, I think, to let it go. So it doesn’t mean that every sentence will be good, but the thoughts are free. So it works for me too.

  10. I’m happy you’re having a fruitful summer Evelyne. Congratulations on the competition, fingers crossed and good luck. And the novel is going well too – I’ve found writing by hand helpful recently as I’m having a challenging year creatively 🙂

    • Thank you, Andrea. It was a strange winter for me as my kids are all gone. I had more free time but needed adjustement to this new life. Ideas kept coming to my mind but it was hard to find a way to tell them. This is when I returned to the pen and paper, feeling more relaxed than facing a blank screen. I tend to write longer pieces but I had several Picture Book manuscripts that I knew could benefit from revision while I let the ideas for the Middle Grade novel simmer. When Stella told me about the writing contest I thought that these stories could be a good match. But I don’t know yet what will happen. So your good wishes are very much appreciated. I hope that your creativity has returned because you certainly are a talented writer.

  11. Congrats re the competition – I hope you win!!

  12. Bonne chance, on croise tout 🙂 l’été tarde ici….vent froid et soleil

  13. My luck be with you. I wish you all good things!!

  14. Good luck! Happy summer to you.

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