Mother’s Day With an American Twist

I gave birth to my second child an hour before Mother’s Day, a few months after my move from Paris to the San Francisco Bay Area.

I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast and was starving. A vision of a delicious tray came to my mind and made my mouth water. A warm vegetable soup, then a fresh tomato and mozzarella salad, a piece of crusty baguette and a slice of creamy camembert and to end on a sweet note a mousse au chocolat would be perfect. I envisioned a sparkling Perrier with a zest of lemon to quench my thirst. After all, the year before I had delivered my first child in Paris, and the service had been close to the prestations of a Relais Château.

“You must be hungry,” the nurse said, reading my mind. “But the kitchens are closed now. Let me see what I can do.”
She returned with a huge grin. “I found something for you!” she announced cheerfully, handing my husband and I two cans of freezing cold Coca-Cola. “Congratulations and Happy Mother’s Day!”

Even though the Coca-Cola didn’t taste like the champagne the French uncork in similar circumstances, it was, however, fresh and sparkling.

This is how my husband and I toasted our first-American born child.

My first Mother’s Day in the USA remains very special, and even though my daughter was born an hour before the official day, I’ve sometimes wished her Happy Birthday on Mother’s Day when both happen to fall on the same day.

And I always kept a very fond memory of the Coca-Cola that felt then as sophisticated as French champagne.


This assortment of flowers is my Happy Mother’s Day bouquet to every Mom, Maman, Mama, Mum, Mummy…, reading this post.






Vous pouvez aussi lire un ancien billet ici en français.


  1. Happy Mother’s Day Evelyne!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day — in every language!!

  3. This is lovely Evelyne – Happy Mothers Day!

  4. Happy Mothers Day – what beautiful memories.

  5. says:

    I loved your Mother’s Day story. I am surprised you all didn’t call your daughter CoCo!😉 We had a wonderful celebration of the day today at the Alhambra! Thank you for sharing the very enjoyable occasion . Also thank Gene for driving ! We are looking forward to watching ” La Vie en Rose”! We both love Edith ! Well it has been a long day and I am ready to ” call it a night”! We will talk before you leave! Hugs, Barbara & Lance

    The Legends of Real Estate 739-8100 945-6719 268-2336


  6. Happy Mother’s Day 🙂
    My after c-section snacks were shortbread cookies and orange juice. Oh how happy I was when the following day meant more orange juice, milk, tea, coffee, toast and jello! lol

  7. Haha. I can imagine how American food – and hospital food, to boot – would be rather disappointing. Both of my children were born early morning, and, after months of giving up caffeine, I insisted on a cappuccino after both births. I can still remember how delicious they were. Toasting with Coca Cola or not, it’s such a special event. Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Funny how you gave up on caffeine,too, Kimberly. The coffee lover I am couldn’t stand the smell of it each time I was pregnant. A
      I can only imagine asking for a cappuccino here! 😊
      But you are right about any beverage being celebratory when your baby has finally joined your family. Thank you for your wishes. When is Mother’s Day in Italy?

  8. cardamone5 says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Evelyne!

  9. This post left my mouth and my eyes watering. That’s what I get for being pregnant. So beautiful.

    *lifts Coke* Here’s to you, Miss Evelyne 🙂 Worlds best mama, I have no doubt!

  10. This past Mother’s Day will always be special to me, as my son married his lady love and blessed both her mother and me with a lovely present, their union. This was a wonderful post, Merci d’avoir partager! Lisa @


  1. […] As I am ready to visit my daughter on her birthday, I am remembering this special day when I welcomed our first American-born child and celebrated my first American Mother’s Day. […]

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