National Library Week

Because I owe libraries so many, many hours of reading and writing.

Because I love libraries. Big or small and everywhere in the world.

Because this week is National Library Week.










  1. I hope that libraries can remain relevant, as you say, many of us owe them so much.

  2. I hope so too, Dan. Very much. Libraries are, in my opinion, so much more than buildings holding books. When we lose a library a community fades away. Thanks again for your visit.

  3. Bev Broughton says:

    My small town library was a haven for experiencing the world. I cherished my weekly visits…my stepping stones to learning, experiencing, and embracing ideas. May they endure.

    • I’m happy for you, Bev, that you had such a place in your life. I have loved libraries since the day I set foot in my local one. Since then I have moved many times. The first place I check when I’m new in town is the library. Thank you for adding your experience here.

  4. Nicely said.

  5. Thank you, Teagan. See you soon.

  6. Libraries are incomparable in my mind, so many wonderful memories of taking my children along, especially in the summer holidays, of sitting quietly, researching, finding good reads, story time, the thrill of finding all those marvellous books to bring home and devour. Thank you Evelyne for this reminder.
    I hope you and your family had a very Happy Easter 🙂

  7. Thnk you, Sherri, for your visit and comment. Libraries are indeed very special places. For young mothers, they provide hours of delight, I agree. In my case, they taught me the language and introduced me to the rich and diverse American literature, for children and adults alike. Thank you again for stopping by.

  8. To this day I still go get lost in the stacks and just read. I always go alone cause I will not be rushed.

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