Everyone Deserves a Break

I won’t break my engagement and will post daily in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge.

Over time I’ve found, all over the gym, tranquil spots to catch my breath.

Underneath the tall staircase is a favorite.

A man trains for a marathon – his T-shirt says so.

Won’t the stampede of his Nikes break the stairs?

“Miss, are you done?”

With regrets, I leave the rowing machine, but the 49Niners fan is right: I’m finished.

Despite the American “Miss,” his ‘thank you’ smile is one he’d give his mother.

In the States, women above forty are old.

Give me a break!

An Alumna from UCLA – her hat says so – does stretches near the drinking fountain – another coveted quiet spot – while explaining to her friend the reasons her business can’t break even.

No, I won’t try the restroom – really, the name is misleading.

Instead I pace the gym.

Breaking news make a loop on the gigantic TV screens:

Another wave of Arctic temperatures on the East Coast.

Another merciless rainless week in California.

A ponytailed mom leads her PJ-clad child – a baby, almost – to the day care center.

The child cries. The mother’s eyes cloud.

Both break my heart.

Will anyone get a break today?

I pack my bag and step to the parking lot.

While I was inside, the sun broke through the sky.

HPIM3513 - Copy

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