On the Second Day of January

The Christmas trees are abandoned on the sidewalks.

The lights have been switched off.

The anticipation that fuels the holiday season is gone.

The promise of the New Year is reality.

I’m no longer standing at the edge of 2014.

I am 2014.

The New Year’s resolutions, projects, goals are a little daunting on January 2.

A few days ago I drove to Treasure Island in San Francisco. I stood across the last section of the old Bay Bridge – section that will be put down sometime in 2014 to complete the construction project started in 2002.

Although the new East Span is gorgeous, especially at night, I remembered of the old Bay Bridge, which I saw for the first time in December 1990. Three months after the Loma Prieta earthquake, it had just reopened to traffic and its scars were visible.

Standing there, only a day before the New Year, I felt like the last section of the bridge.

Knowing that a year was ending, that another one was imminently starting.

Knowing of the 365 days that were gone, nothing of the 365 to come.

I have no choice, I told myself, I must leap.

This is why I think it’s okay to find the second day of January a little daunting.


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