Bravo, Ms. Munro!

I think women have a duty of solidarity toward other women. I think we must applaud when one woman makes it to the top. I would love a world where human beings are completely equal, regardless of their gender. But as we journey toward the goal, I enjoy the perks along the bumpy road.

So when I hear that President Obama has named Janet Yellen head of the Federal Reserve, I applaud to her success.

When I hear that little Malala is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, I cheer for her.

When I hear that Fortune has now a hard time to select the most powerful businesswomen because there are more women to choose from, I clap in my hands.

But I’m a writer and a reader, so when I hear that Alice Munro is the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature I am very, very happy.

I find especially meaningful that she wrote about women from Ontario. Through her exceptional writing all women benefit.

I read once that Alice Munro initially wrote short stories to practice for a novel.

I’m so glad she kept practicing.

In French, a short story is called ‘nouvelle.’ ‘Nouvelle’ is also the feminine form of the adjective ‘nouveau’ – new in English.

For a nonnative speaker, there was initial confusion between ‘nouvelle’ and ‘novel.’

As for Alice Monroe’s writing I like to use the French word.

Even though her themes are always the same, her writing remains new.

Bravo, Ms. Munro!

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