Bail Out the Writers!

When I left Paris for the Silicon Valley my husband and I were newly wed, so we had little possessions. But we owned the biggest fridge available on the French market (my husband was an American before becoming one).

I should have suspected that this American-looking appliance foreshadowed my future.

Our friends found it a little obnoxious – no one had one that large – but their young children loved the fact that they could get ice just by pushing a button on the front. One of them had hoped for ice cream and not for ice cubes. To his credit, the French word ‘glace’ is the same for both. But even an American fridge had limits, although I soon discovered other advantages.

Most American fridges were magnet friendly. I was initially surprised to see American moms using them to post weekly menus, but I liked the way they turned an appliance into a mini museum that displayed children’s artwork.

I could only mimic them.

But a writer remains a writer.

In addition to my kids’ drawings, the family’s holiday portrait, and favorite restaurants’ cards, I pin articles related to writing or writers.

This morning I heard our President assess the American economic situation, five years after the financial crisis that plunged the US in a deep recession, leading to the bail out of the financial sector. “Things are better looking than they were,” he said.

I can indeed confirm that the financial institutions are doing great.

Later, while I was making some room for a new picture on my fridge, my eye caught a sun-faded page titled Bail Out the Writers!

Accidental irony.

I had torn the page from the New York Times on December 14, 2008. The article, written by Paul Greenberg, had earned a spot on my big American fridge.  Five years later, are things looking better for the writers as well?

The paper has aged – California sun is unforgiving – not the words.

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