Life on the Other Side of the Window

I don’t know how people reacted when Gutenberg’s work opened the road to the printing world.

What is clear is that all writers and artists I know are overwhelmed when faced with the gargantuan task of making our work public.

Over the last few days I’ve spent a lot of time exploring, discovering, deciphering, weighing the pros and cons of such or such social media versus such or such website that guarantees to make your work visible within a click.

Only to find myself daydreaming at the sight of a bunny, sauntering through my front yard, a few feet across my little den.


Unaware of my presence and of my husband who volunteered to take his picture, this bunny has absolutely no idea of my world.

And I decided – at least for the rest of the afternoon – to get off the frantic frenzy Internet.

I sometimes forget that life happens on the other side of the window.

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