Little Nice Things Matter Too

Between the increasing possibility of American military action against Syria, the poor quality of air due to the massive Rim Fire in Yosemite National Park, and the news in general, which tend to always depict the worse among human beings, I am tempted to be anxious, worried, and yes, angry.

So when little nice things come my way they not only bring momentary joy into my life but also put everything back into perspective.

Like attending a literary event at a public university library where local authors donate their books for a new Popular Reading Collection.

Like getting the chance to thank an author who wrote a novel that has particularly moved me.

Like meeting writers who participated to a conference where I was encouraged to start a blog.

Like bumping into someone I met at the same conference but hadn’t seen in ages and realizing that time doesn’t always damage relationships and that we could talk and laugh as if we had shared coffee the day before.

Like discovering a young poet laureate , listening to him reading his work, and appreciating the life I got as a kid.

Like listening to a writer I am lucky to know and keeps inspiring me with her talent and generosity.

Like finding Enduring Love at a used bookshop – the only title from Ian McEwan I haven’t read.

Like receiving a postcard from France without any stamp, and realizing that my mail carrier has decided to slip it into my mailbox without asking me to pay the tax.

These are little things in the large scheme of life. I know. But at the end of a long, long week, little things matter, too.

Especially little nice things.

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