News from the Front

Back to school is behind me, and I slowly – it is very hot here – return to my ‘studious’ habits.

Good News:

Late spring, on a warm unproductive afternoon, I visited a bookstore. I was having doubts about finding the voice of my memoir. I entered A Book Barn where I had never been before that day and found a book that I believed was there just for me.

When I paid for Epitaph for a Peach, I spoke with the bookseller and mentioned my novel Trapped in Paris. She was interested, so I left a complimentary copy.

I read Epitaph for a Peach in one night – the writer had really found his voice – and returned to my manuscript, which I submitted soon after.

A Book Barn has just invited me to participate to their Mystery Book Festival event to be held on October 12.

A reading followed by Q&A and a signing with five other writers is always a nice way to spend a fall day, right?

Besides, I am always happy to get to know new people, especially happy when they write.

The lesson from my promotional work: never lose hope, learn to be patient.

Established contacts don’t produce immediate results. Don’t take a late answer for a no. Never take anything personally, although it is always personal of course.

Meanwhile, I am working on the publication of a new novel for Middle Graders. Like Trapped in Paris the story is for boys and girls. The story alternates between the voice of American boy Scott and French girl Sylvie. Two years ago, I submitted this manuscript to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. It was a semi finalist, but didn’t go to the last round. The critics I received from the judges are encouraging, and I have decided to move on.

Bad News:

I am still struggling to finish the first draft of my dystopian novel.

News in Between:

I am still waiting for the editor and agent to get back to me for my memoir manuscript.

I am more a half full glass than half empty glass kind of person, so I figure, “No news, good news.”

Waiting for their answer, I am preparing two compilations.

Chez Moi aux USA:  my French blog posts that open a window on my life in the States.

Writing and Reading in a Foreign Language: a selection of posts from my blog in English focusing on the acquisition of a foreign language.

Gives me a perfect occasion to fix my typos.

Another learned lesson: never trust your spell-checker.

Even in your native language.

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