A Writer’s Prayer

Few things distract me when I want to write. Although I prefer the quiet room of the library to a noisy café, I have been able to write at Starbucks, surrounded by enthusiastic college students, and at home with four energetic children, jumping and singing around.

So why can’t I finish this darned first draft started in the spring?

Waiting for the editor and the agent who have asked to see part of one of my manuscripts is by far more distracting than noise and kids.

I find myself checking my email several times a day, hoping for an answer that would put me back on track.

You will argue that nobody is forcing me to go through this mental torture.

Besides, this is for a memoir manuscript.

Nothing should keep me away from a world I created from scratch.

To make the matter worse, I just got the new book my children’s book club will share in September.

The Water Wars is exactly the kind of book I love, meaning the kind of story I thrive to write.

the water wars

Dystopian slightly on the apocalyptic side, filled with great characters and a vivid setting = I won’t ever be that good.

Very ineffective to rekindle my flickering flame.

So this afternoon in a desperate attempt to do something remotely connected to writing I went through some of my very early manuscripts.

I should enter the Convent, hide, and pray. Really.

But the humiliating experience has worked:

I have become a better writer.

I am not Cameron Stracher but I am not writing The Water Wars either.

My story is unique.

My writing is different.

My manuscript is worth pursuing.

This mantra became my secular prayer as I added one new chapter to my first draft.

Can I ask you to pray for me? Really.

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