Ça ne Fait pas Mourir

This week, after reading the Storyteller – Jodi’s Picoult’s latest novel – I swallowed Lone Wolf, her previous novel. She is called a writer of commercial fiction. Nothing wrong with that if it means being a woman who writes a new book every year – I dare anyone to do it – and has millions of readers.

In my opinion her work is much more complex than it looks like. You know how what is seamless appears effortless? That would be a book from Jodi Picoult.

Lone Wolf is layered and compelling, and I would hate to summarize the plot and development. But if I had to, I would say that the story explores the mess that a terrible accident creates within a family and consequently questions the right to die.

Today Seth Godin asks his readers to share his daily post. Perfect timing.

In French we say, “Çalonewolf ne fait pas mourir de parler de la mort.” Or “talking about death doesn’t make anyone die.”

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