A Writer’s Dilemma

You would think that after starting the entrepreneur journey – entrepreneur being a French word, I figured it was meant for me – and publishing my first novel solo I would disdain bourgeois tradition.

Well, if only it were that easy.

I admit that it is hard to leave convention for adventure.

Last night, as my son was suffering through a late evening APUSH drill at school, my husband invited me for sushi.

It would be sushi night once a year with the money I make with my words.

And yet, despite this financial inequality, my husband keeps feeding me nice food and moreover believing in me as a writer/ entrepreneur.

So over sushi – for me – and sashimi – for him – I shared my dilemma:  Here I am with two completed manuscripts, revised, edited and copy-edited. One manuscript is for adults – I should say grown-ups since in America “adults” trigger the interest I’m not looking for – and the other manuscript is for middle grade readers.

To go solo or to submit?

Techies favor the off the beaten path to the highway.

But the French literature major I am argued that an editor in a small company would be wonderful and that being published with a name on the cover – besides mine – would be cool.

While I poked at the last nigiri sushi, my husband listened, but his silent voice whispered: “Vanity, vanity.”

Really? I thought it was the other way around. Aren’t the publishing start-ups called vanity publishing?

“Indie publishing,” my husband corrected me. “It’s ‘indie’ like in ‘independent.’”

“I get it,” I said, picking the last piece of ginger with my chopsticks.

But I didn’t really get it until Getting Picked, a post from Seth Godin seemed to have been written for me. He did it again today with The Critic Stumbles.

Of course, it can’t have been written for me. I’m not that crazy. But this man sees the beginning of the 21st century like no one else and he is so good at writing about the deep changes of our times that the energy pulsing from his words would invigorate the most reluctant person.

So, if like me, you are stuck with two completed manuscripts, balancing from one foot to the other, hesitant between jumping in the ocean – without lifeguards on duty – or stuffing envelopes to editors and agents – buoys to float above the slush pile, anyone? – these two posts smell of salty air and liberty, taste of sand and open space, feel of risk and excitement.

Very much like “indie.”

Or “entrepreneur.”

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