In Memory of a Timeless Book

Some books matter to us more than others, and not always because we have read them in the first place. As soon as my children were able to choose their own books, I let them pick any story that attracted them. And I often read them as well. It helped me to understand what they liked and who they were.

Of course, I skipped a few books – especially when my son was in his phase Captain Underpants and Animorphs Series.

But when one of my daughters would not put down From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler on the day I had made crepes, I knew she had discovered a very special book.

The fact that this novel was published in 1967 meant that this writer was special.

Such a timeless book could only be a gem.

My daughter – maybe an inherited trait – rarely gives up on an author when she has fallen in love, and that’s how Ms. Konigsburg’s books entered our family library.

The author passed away on Friday. I read this today on Shelf Awarenessfromthe mixedfiles and find it just right.

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