Humor Always Wins

Once I heard Walter Dean Myers say that writing was the only thing he could do in the face of hate and violence.

And gosh, how well, has he turned his anger into words of peace.

But who is as skilled as Walter Dean Myers?

When hate and violence surround me I’m more likely to take a book. And a funny one is even better.

When my children were younger, angry with me or their siblings or friends or the world in general, I found out that a humorous story was better than a lengthy talk.

A funny story makes us believe in tomorrow, in the ability to be good again.

Today I read Chomp by Carl Hiaasen. He’s one of these authors who started to write for adults and then turned to young readers. Hoot was the winner of the Newberry Honor a few years ago and Flush and Scat have been very well received, too.

Carl Hiaasen is a Florida native, and the sunshine state is the setting of each of his novels.

Humor is also a constant component of each.

I laughed out loud as I attacked my stationary bike early morning today, ignoring the Boston news that filled the huge TV screens, focusing instead on the adventures of Wahoo in the Everglades.  chomp Boston was on my mind – I lived there for five years – but I needed funny, zany, wacky.

So if like me, you can’t watch sad news and can’t turn your anger and sadness into words, read a funny story.

The world is always a better place with hilarious humor.

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